New products 2021

New exciting pond products and stylish water features at a glance. 

AquaActiv DuoBoost pond treatment 

The two-phase booster for a healthy pond biology: simply add some AquaActiv DuoBoost to the water. The innovative bacteria gel and optimally chosen minerals work in a double action to activate the natural pond biology of the water in a quick and easy process. Get the double power for the natural clarity of your pond now.  

AquaMax Eco 
Titanium 81000 

The new, most powerful pump generation from OASE perfectly matches our modular drum filter system and sets new technical standards: Best performance with the best quality for the best results in koi ponds and swimming ponds with the highest demands. The OASE Easy Control app for comfortable, smart control and a high level of safety give you the freedom to fully enjoy your koi pond or swimming pond.    


AquaMax Eco 
Expert 27000 12 V

Dive into refreshing, clear water. This powerful pond pump supports sophisticated filter systems. The safe 12 V technology enables the pump to be used in swim ponds and natural pools. Additionally, large watercourses and elegant waterfalls can be fed effortlessly. Suitable for use in freshwater as well as seawater.  

Aquarius Eco 
Expert 20000 12 V

This new pump creates a luxurious eye-catching fountain which takes bathing in your own home to a whole new level. The smart controllable fountain pump is compatible with all 1" and 1 1/2" fountain attachments. The safe 12 V technology allows the pump to be used safely in swim ponds and natural pools. Your only focus is to relax and enjoy yourself.  

Aquarius Fountain Set Classic 

Enjoy transforming moving water into scenes filled with ambience. The Aquarius Fountain Set Classic has everything you need to get started. Quick and easy to install, you can select and switch between three water nozzles as desired. There’s also an additional outlet for even more design flexibility. 

Copper Fountain Bowls 

Water in its finest form: Experience the joy of this exclusive garden décor made of 100% real copper. Stage the pieces in various ways – either separately or combined. At night-time, the perfectly matched LED ring bathes the water in soft light (optional, available from March). 

Waterfall Complete Sets

Elegant and vitalising: A waterfall made from stainless steel is a special design element placed on your terrace or in a gravel bed. In the evening, stylish warm white lighting transforms the waterfall into a glowing water curtain. Now also available in complete sets that contain everything that you need for your little DIY project (incl. lighting). 

Watercourse Base Sets

A smoothly flowing riverbed in Japanese style, a vivid splashing stream as if arisen from the mountains, or a modern, architectural watercourse? With the Watercourse Base Sets there is no limit to the scope for design in your garden without having a pond. Ask your OASE gardening and landscaping partner for more information.  

Wall Spouts

Enhance even the smallest areas outside with playful water features. The geometrical spillways, available in Copper or Bronze, are ideal for installing in walls or columns – for example in your front yard or on your terrace. For a special effect in the night, add the optional LED lighting (available from March).

Pond nets

With our broad assortment, the maintenance of your pond is very easy and relaxed. Sturdy nets and telescopic handles make the activity comfortable and safe for the relocation of pond fish. 

More new OUTSIDE products

Eco Control

The smart control unit enables the entire range of Eco Expert pumps to be controlled and monitored via app with the Easy Garden Control smart system.  

Extension cable
Expert 12 V

The 10-metre-long cable is compatible with all pumps in the Eco Expert range.