Water and garden news 2022 

Discover a new appreciation for your garden with our products for water landscapes, with and without a pond.

DYNAMIX– vital power for your fish. 

A healthy, balanced diet is key to vitality and well-being. With the new OASE DYNAMIX we have developed a complete food that is perfectly adapted to the needs of pond fish. The DYNAMIX triple effect supplies them with important fats, carefully selected carbohydrates, prebiotic components and the special OASE AminoBoost for improved digestion. For lively, beautiful fish in vivid colours. 

Discover the new, comprehensive range of flakes, sticks and pellets for your pond fish now.


For many years now, beginners and professionals alike have put their trust in FiltoClear. Now we have improved the pressure filter even more. The result: Less hassle during installation and maintenance giving you more time to simply enjoy a crystal-clear pond. Available by itself, as a set or with an optional decorative cover, FiltoClear is ideal for any pond owner with a pond up to 31 m³.



We know that fish – especially koi – need peace and quiet and a lot of oxygen. The AquaOxy pond aerator is ideal for this kind of application as it enriches the pond water with exactly the right amount of air. An air diffuser disperses the air in tiny bubbles. This process is almost silent, despite the powerful motor. Its powerful performance makes AquaOxy the perfect addition to the OASE ProfiClear Premium filter system and the AquaMax Eco Titanium pond pump.

Available from April.  


The water feature for stylish gardens and design connoisseurs. Made of super-strong Corten steel, the Cube exudes timeless elegance. Its striking look contrasts with the invigorating splashing water that spills out of it. At night, the integrated lighting bathes this harmony of elements in soft light. For those looking to emphasise the charm of this water feature, the Cube can be installed as a floating sculpture. 


ProfiClear Premium Standing Bed Modul  

Perfect for demanding koi ponds and swim ponds: The ProfiClear Premium L and XL drum filter system stands out from the crowd with its high level of quality, performance and intelligence. The modular design allows you to configure the perfect system to achieve the best results. Alongside the popular Moving Bed module, the Standing Bed option is the latest addition to the modular OASE filter system. This module provides the ideal finishing touch for achieving perfect water clarity. 

AquaAir Eco 250  

Is it possible to ensure clear water in large bodies of water without pond filters and pumps? Of course! Activating the biological microflora is the key and to do this they need to get enough oxygen. The solution is a combination of a high-performance floating aerator and powerful pump circulation, which ensures that enough oxygen is drawn in and reaches all areas of the water.

EcoRise 30  

They might only occupy a small area, but our aesthetically designed, elegant copper water features can accentuate small and large gardens alike. The well-hidden technology, together with the architectural copper bowls, is what makes a successful design. As a base on which the bowl can be placed, EcoRise 30 makes installation easy and provides sufficient space for pipework and power cables.  


Maxima 60 

Complementing the 120 l capacity model, the new, compact 60 l model offers even more freedom. Whether you want an eye-catching indoor centre piece or a fun outdoor water feature, the modular matrix blocks allow you to customise the system to create the water reservoir you need for your design – for example as a base for your copper bowl display or your new OASE Cube made of high-quality Corten steel.


Fountain Ring LED Set / Wall Spout LED Set 

During the day, fountains and waterfalls create lively and exciting spaces in the garden. With the addition of LED lighting at night they are transformed as the dancing rays of light make the water sparkle. Illuminated, flowing water will transform your garden, balcony or terrace into a place with a unique and magical atmosphere. 


Vitronic 11 W 

OASE Vitronic is the ideal way to get started with UVC clarifiers and is suitable for all small to medium-sized ponds. The retrofit unit can be combined with, for example, a BioSmart flow-through filter and effectively supports the filter in combatting water made green by floating algae. 


If your project calls for convenience and efficiency, then the EasyFol pond liner made from environmentally friendly rubber is the perfect choice. It is characterised by its excellent resilience and flexibility and the talcum-free surface allows it to be glued down straight away, with no need to clean it first. It brings the best OASE quality to your pond, withstanding environmental influences and demonstrating an exceptionally high level of durability. ​