ProfiClear Classic filter foam module

  • Characteristic

    • Modularly extendible filter system for individual adaptation to local conditions
    • Individual solutions through bringing together of different components
    • Can be implemented in any size of pond and under any pond conditions
    • Can be used as a pump fed version as well as a highly efficient energy saving gravity fed filter
    • Coarse pollutant extraction with automatic cleaning (optional accessory)
    • Easy maintenance cleaning handles and floor drains in each filter chamber
    • High quality and impact resistant GRP and perfect workmanship
    • Optimally matched to OASE filter pumps
    • Protection against disproportionate algae growth when using the phosphate binder module
    • The ProfiClear Classic filter foam module ensures safe removal of toxic substances like ammonium/ammonia or nitrite.
    • The water that is to be filtered is channelled through the coarse and fine foams that contain the vital filter biology
    • The oxygen necessary for the nitrification processes is supplied via connections on the housing
    • The foams are cleaned by compressing against the intermediate floor via the cleaning levers.
    • Pulling the slide valve flushes the debris out via a DN 75 discharge, which can be supported by rinsing via a garden hose adapter

Technical Data

Dimensions (L x W x H)mm830 x 600 x 820
Net weightkg43.00
Guarantee (+ request guarantee) Years2 + 1
Biological filter surfacem290.0
Temperature displayNo
MaterialGRP Duroplast
Number of inletsUnits3
Inlet connectionsDA 50, DN 110, DN 150
Number of outletsUnits1
Outlet connectionsDN 110, DN 150
Sludge discharge connectionsDN 75
Max. flow ratel/h12500
Possible water level difference100 mm
Type of useGravity fed system, Pump fed system
OtherPollutant discharge incl. slide valve

Spare Parts

1ASM lid container M / L727801
2Spare clip inner lid 1 + 2 ProfiClear354081
3Filter box ProfiCl. Clas. filter module184121
5Outlet grid ProfiClear M 2 - M 5269601
6Gasket 150 screwed269572
7Outlet 150/1 ProfiClear M 2 - M 5269581
8O-Ring NBR 156 x 10 SH70276691
9Aeratorblock retainer269681
10Oval head screw CZ-V2A DIN 7981 6.3 x 32275721
11Spare drain DN75 Premium184461
14Outlet 150/2 ProfiClear M 2 - M 5269871
15Plug 150 ProfiClear271751
16ASM plug cpl. module filter 1 1/2"193251
17Spare spray unit ProfiClear354111
18Inner cover foam ProfiClear M 3 - M 5269811
19Air connection ProfiClear271721
20Spare water level indicator ProfiClear354091
21Spare thermometer with clip ProfiClear354101
27Foam holder ProfiClear269826
28Foam holder plate ProfiClear2717612
30Repl. foam red ProfiClear M3272953
31Repl. foam blue wide ProfiClear M3269833


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