A garden and pond paradise in autumn and winter

The colder seasons create a very special natural spectacle in the garden. With the trees and grass shining golden in autumn, you know it won't be long before the pond landscape transforms into a magical winter landscape. It's the perfect time to explore the garden with your family.  

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It's time to prepare your pond and garden for the colder seasons. We are happy to provide useful tips for easily preparing your pond so that it boasts a calm, clear water surface.  

Make your home a haven of comfort: With cleverly designed lighting, you can create a relaxing atmosphere that turns your pond into an inviting quiet retreat – an ideal place to snuggle up with a warm blanket and a sweet snack from the barbecue. We have put together a collection of recipes and ideas such as homemade pond decorations to help you get the most out of your pond and garden during the winter months.

Tips for autumn and winter


A crystal-clear pond

Preparing your pond for the cold season is a breeze with the right equipment.

Warm and inviting lighting

Stylish garden lighting creates the right atmosphere and gives your garden a special ambience.

Recipes, handicrafts and pond decorations


Winter barbecues by the pond

Steak and sausages taste great from the barbecue in autumn and winter too. Tips and delicious recipes can be found here. 

Ideas from the garden

Recipes, handicrafts and pond decorations using materials found in your garden — all natural and handmade.

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