A first-class menu: Naturally sustainable.

We strive to achieve the highest quality in aquatics, combining water, smart technology and an elegant, functional design to achieve a perfectly coordinated system. By pursuing this passion, we have now developed fish food with a new and unique level of quality.

ORGANIX is a new addition to our product range and is one of the highest-quality fish feeds in the world: Rich in natural ingredients, sustainably harvested off the coast of Alaska and carefully prepared. Ambitious beginners and professionals alike can use ORGANIX to harness the pure power of nature – now in a perfectly balanced, varied menu. 


Nature is our promise of quality

By feeding your fish ORGANIX, you can give them Alaska's pure power of nature: The natural ingredients intrinsically contain many vitamins, trace elements and unsaturated fatty acids. We obtain a high proportion of the natural ingredients used in our products from strictly regulated waters off the coast of Alaska. Due to this approach, we comply with the guidelines of the Marine Stewardship Council in extracting these ingredients. We therefore ensure that we are interacting with nature and its resources in a particularly careful and sustainable way.

From an MSC certified sustainable fishery. www.msc.org · MSC-C-52555 

Uses MSC-certified ingredients

This product comes from a fishery that has been independently certified to the MSC’s standard for a well-managed and sustainable fishery.


Perfectly composed: A healthy, varied menu

The ORGANIX menu consists of varied delicacies. Each one can be used as a complete main feed on its own but you can also combine them to go that extra mile and give your fish a varied menu. Treat your fish to something special – now with the option of extra variety.


ORGANIX Daily food for community aquariums is an all-round food for a wide range of species and provides everything that healthy fish need. This granulate is ideal as a main food for daily feeding and promotes the growth and vitality of aquarium inhabitants. You can add more variety to the menu using the appropriate ORGANIX supplements.


ORGANIX Veggievore for bottom feeding fish

The delicacy with extra kelp. Valuable plant power, specially developed for bottom feeding fish: ORGANIX Veggievore Tabs are an ideal food with delicious kelp (seaweed) from the Pacific Ocean. Ensures a regular supply of a host of vitamins and trace elements – ideal as a daily feed for most bottom feeders in the aquarium that mainly feed on plants.


ORGANIX Veggievore

The sustainable superfood for herbivorous fish: The food is modelled entirely on natural feeding with the ingredients, including valuable kelp in the ORGANIX Veggievore Granulate and in the ORGANIX Veggievore Flakes, representing animal-friendly feeding with a high content of minerals and trace elements. Perfect for daily feeding!



The energy boost for particularly active fish. A healthy luxury containing Arctic shrimp: These treats have a perfect protein-to-fat ratio to keep your fish in excellent condition. The flakes swell at a very slow speed, preventing the aquarium water from becoming turbid. A delight for all aquarium inhabitants.



The nutrient mix for strong young fish. ORGANIX Baby Flakes provide young fish in the aquarium with everything they need for healthy growth. This development food comes in a powdered form and is perfect as a main food for all types of daily feeding. It spreads very quickly in the aquarium and promotes growth and vitality.



Colour care with natural pigments and carotenoids. For intense, bright colours: ORGANIX Colour Granulate adds some special light to the aquarium. Derived from fish skin, the natural pigment components contained within are optimally utilised by the fish for a special blaze of colour and all-round healthy fish.


ORGANIX Snack Stick

The extra snack for variety and play. A healthy luxury containing Arctic shrimp: These treats have a perfect protein-to-fat ratio to keep your fish in excellent condition. The sticks swell at a very slow speed, preventing the aquarium water from becoming turbid. A delight for all aquarium inhabitants!


The pigment- and protein-building block for cichlids. Perfect for the diverse cichlid family: ORGANIX Cichlid Granulate provide cichlids with an excellent range of vitamins and trace elements from sustainable seafood and can be used for every-day feeding, delivering all the important nutrition that these fish require.


Uncompromising and sustainable: Our ingredients in detail 

With ORGANIX food, we compose a varied menu that is perfectly adapted to the needs of aquarium fish. We make no compromises when we select our ingredients, even at the very beginning of the production chain. The ingredients we select are then freshly prepared with a great deal of care. Discover the optimal combination for lively and healthy fish.


  • Rich in natural kelp
  • Rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids (DHA/EPA) and vitamins
  • Perfect protein-to-fat ratio
  • Precisely adapted to any eating habits
  • Reduced ash, fishmeal and wheat flour content
  • Uses MSC-certified ingredients
  • Minimum phosphate content
  • From unpolluted waters off the wild coast of Alaska