Water is pure joy of life: also in your garden. From a small decorative or garden pond to a spacious swimming or koi pond. Relax in harmony with nature.


Small water worlds

Balcony, terrace, garden – there's always room for small or large installations with still and flowing water. It's not about space, it's about ideas. 

Irrigation and drainage

The clever and reliable garden and irrigation pumps from OASE. Safe, efficient, sustainable. Draining dirty water from the cellar or building site is no problem with our proven submersible water pumps. 



OASE stands for new opportunities in aquatics. Aquariums from OASE are underwater worlds of the highest quality and at the same time unique design objects. Immerse yourself with us in a world of possibilities and breathtaking beauty. 



With the biOrb series, OASE has developed completely new design objects with underwater and above-water scenarios. Grow exotic tropical plants or keep small fish. Smart design and surprisingly easy to maintain.

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About us 
A team with a passion for your wishes  


Service doesn't just mean giving good advice, but also being there for you. You're welcome to call our service hotline on weekdays. We are a team of enthusiasts in a grown, trusting dealer network of certified Water Creation Partners. We are all enthusiastically at your side with advice and action. Find your nearest OASE partner here.