Manage everything safely and easily 

The OASE Control app for garden, aquarium and biOrb

Enjoy the beauty of your OASE worlds in your home and garden. Simply enter commands and settings for connected, smart OASE products into the OASE Control app. By using just one smart application for smartphone and tablet, you get full control, maximum convenience and peace of mind for your OASE worlds. This goes for all areas – from the garden and pond to the aquarium and biOrb Vivarium, at any time and from any place.

The certainty of having everything under control

Increased peace of mind and added convenience with the OASE Control app

The OASE Control app offers you convenient, safe and reliable control for smart products from the OASE range using a single app. Wherever you are, your garden, aquarium and biOrb Vivarium are always accessible via the cloud.

One app, one system, everything under control

It is now extremely easy to adjust and control lighting and lighting effects in the biOrb, aquarium and garden. You can also configure streaming pumps with feeding mode in the aquarium using the OASE Control app. And in your garden, you have full control of pumps, water features, filters and lighting at any time and from anywhere. Even wirelessly controlled OASE devices can be integrated without any trouble.

Assurance through safety

You can enable status and error reports for many devices connected to the OASE Control app, allowing you to respond to faults or failures in good time if you are not in the area. This is especially valuable for ponds and aquariums with a fish population, as well as the biOrb Vivarium.

The OASE Control apps obeys your every word

Enjoy the full range of possible settings for many devices connected to the app using voice input with Alexa and Google Assistant. This makes managing your OASE products as convenient and easy as possible. 

OASE Control app: Applications, features, products

Find out more about the OASE Control app, all compatible OASE products and possible uses – from the individual aquarium and biOrb Vivarium to large gardens and water gardens.