A relaxing planted wonder in your home

biOrb AIR


Place a biOrb AIR in any room in your home and simply gaze into a miniature world of wonder in-side.  

There is a theory called ‘Biophilia’. It suggests we all have an innate, deep rooted desire to connect with nature. 

And research has shown a strong connection to nature can positively affect our mood. 

If you think all this sounds like nonsense, remember hospitals have long used gardens to speed up the healing process.  

And of course it’s not just you who benefits … everyone who sees your biOrb AIR will experience the same blissful meditation.

The secrets to owning a captivating terrarium

Quite frankly, old fashioned ‘bottle’ terrariums are a nuisance you can do without. They’re not ideal for your plants. And they certainly don’t bring anything to the room you put them in. However, your biOrb AIR’s ‘functional beauty’ uses technology to overcome all the problems associated with antiquated terrariums. It allows you to enjoy looking after and looking at your plants - not struggle to keep them. Firstly, everything you need comes in the box. With easy to follow instructions and numbered packs, your biOrb AIR is a cinch to setup. Next landscape with your choice of décor and plants. 

Finally, just plug it in and switch it on. 
Your biOrb AIR automatically creates the tropical conditions your new world needs to thrive.

Light from the integrated LED lights with full 24 hour cycle – this includes ‘sunrise’ and ‘sunset’

Water drawn up to the compost by the capillary matting – constantly hydrating without overwatering

Fresh air gently sucked in, circulated and expelled through the replaceable carbon filter – all by a whisper quiet fan

Humidity maintained at a tropical 75% -should it drop, a gentle mist hydrates your plants all the way to their roots

Discover the simpler way to care for your plants

Your biOrb AIR works with you to make caring for your new world as simple as possible. A discreet and easy to read indicator in the base lets you keep the water level perfect. And - unless you’re keeping carnivorous plants like a Venus Fly Trap - your plants nutritional needs come from biOrb AIR’s Coir compost.

The Coir compost supplied with your biOrb AIR isn’t just great for your plants … it’s great for our planet too. Coir compost is made from coconut husks – a waste product from the coconut industry. Unlike traditional peat moss, Coir is a plentiful and sustainable resource.

Peat moss takes centuries to evolve. Then extracting it damages the fragile wetlands ecosystem – harming the plants and animal species only found in peat bogs. Sadly this destruction of the world’s wetlands is proceeding at an alarming rate. But grow tropical plants in your biOrb AIR and you can be sure you’re not causing any environmental damage.


Which biOrb AIR is right for you?

Both biOrb AIR models let you landscape and cultivate your own wondrous natural world. 

But there are differences between the 2 models. Some of which may affect your choice. 

For example, if space is a premium, the 50cm diameter of biOrb AIR 60 may be too big for you. And you’re better off with a biOrb AIR 30 if you want to grow semi-arid plants. 

Finally, if you want simple ‘set and forget’ control, the biOrb AIR 30 with its remote control is the model you need. 

The following table will make it easier for you to select the biOrb AIR that’s right for you.

 biOrb AIR 60biOrb AIR 30
Diameter (cm) 5030
Integrated Ring of LED LightsYesYes
24 Hour Light Cycle Yes - 12 hour day with  ‘sunrise’ and ‘sunset’  Yes - selectable day length with  ‘sunrise’ and ‘sunset’
Colour White / Black / GreyWhite / Black / Grey
Whisper Quiet FanYesYes
Replaceable Carbon Air FilterYesYes
Misting UnitYes – adjustable with boostYes – adjustable with boost
Water Reservoir YesYes
Water Level IndicatorYesYes
Remote Control NoYes
Suitable for Tropical PlantsYesYes
Suitable for Temperate PlantsYesYes
Suitable for Semi-Arid PlantsYesYes

Both models are manufactured to biOrb’s exacting standards. So whichever model you choose, you’re assured of biOrb’s renowned build quality. In the extremely unlikely event anything should go wrong, you don’t have to worry. You’re covered by biOrb’s no nonsense, 100% satisfaction, cast iron, 2 year guarantee.

Watch the simple way to create a stunning display