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Aquariums – more than just a hobby

Aquariums are an exciting and, above all, nature-loving hobby for all. An aquarium enables you to create a unique microcosm and bring a bit of nature into your home. Escape everyday life and create your personal moments of happiness with a multifaceted underwater world. Whether you follow the flow of the water or relax while watching your plants and aquarium inhabitants, you can enjoy the soothing effect of your aquarium and feel the meditative power of your little paradise.

Our Aquarium Guide is designed to help you familiarise yourself with aquariums and this wide-ranging hobby. Find out what you should consider before you buy – from setting up your aquarium to caring for your underwater world. Let us enchant you with our aquariums!

Before buying an aquarium

Read this to see what you should consider when selecting your perfect aquarium:

The location

As tempting as it is to position the aquarium where you want, its location should be carefully selected: The best thing is always a position with no direct sunlight. If you want to place the aquarium on a shelf, sideboard or table, the piece of furniture must be strong enough to support the filled aquarium. It is both easier and safer if you buy an aquarium kit that includes a matching base cabinet.
Aquarium inhabitants also have their requirements. You should not place your tank near music systems, speakers or stoves, so that they do not become stressed.

Selecting aquarium inhabitants and plants

Consider in advance which aquarium inhabitants and plants you want in your aquarium. The aquarium size must be suitable for their size and number. In addition, each animal species has its own preferences: some fish like temperatures of 22°C, for example, but some like temperatures up to 30°C. A heater will ensure that the aquarium inhabitants feel comfortable in your aquarium.

The time required and the size of the aquarium

Regular care is important to ensure that you enjoy your individual underwater world for a long time. Depending on the number of inhabitants and the size of the aquarium, caring for it will take up more or less of your time. However, a small aquarium does not necessarily mean less work. The water values, aquarium inhabitants and plants must be observed more closely in smaller tanks in particular. Larger aquariums generally have more stable water values and provide a larger buffer.

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