Enjoying the beauty of nature is a wonderful way to escape your everyday cares. Research shows that it promotes a sense of well-being and can positively affect your mood. Place a biOrb in your home and enjoy the world of wonder inside. Immediately you’re connected with a place for your mind to escape.

With biOrb terrariums and aquariums, you can create a window to another world. Uniting form and function, these innovative products give the natural world pride of place inside your home. Fill them with animals, fish, plants, ornaments and light effects designed for moments of contemplation and relaxation. And of course, it’s not just you who benefits … everyone who sees your biOrb will experience the same blissful meditation.

biOrb AIR: Space for the exotic

biOrb AIR terrariums make it easy to create an entrancing feature for your room. Simply add plants and it looks great. These terrariums automate lighting, humidity, watering and air circulation, creating the perfect conditions for your plants to thrive. Your biOrb AIR doesn’t need any natural daylight, so you can enjoy it anywhere in your home. At last, you can enjoy looking at your plants – not struggle to keep them.

biOrb AIR: create a stunning display

Simply add plants and your biOrb AIR will look great. But to really wow you need to think about your landscaping. Plants on their own are beautiful, but your terrarium needs shape and form to really come alive. A sculpture provides height and gives you a structure to plant around. Just imagine how your plants will grow over and around it

Which biOrb AIR is right for you?

Both biOrb AIR models let you landscape your own wonderous natural world. But there are some differences between the 2 models. For example, if space is a premium, the 50cm diameter of the biOrb AIR 60 may be too big for you. And you’re better off with a biOrb AIR 30 if you want to grow arid plants. Finally, if you want simple ‘set and forget’ controls the biOrb AIR 30 with its remote control is the model you need.

biOrb Aquariums: simple to set up, easy to look after

Create an underwater world with a biOrb aquarium. These fully filtered fish tanks are easy to maintain. Be creative with your aquascaping. Choose from our range of décor and plants to make your biOrb aquarium as individual as you are. Made from acrylic, all biOrb fish tanks give you the clearest view of your fish. It’s clearer than glass and up to ten times stronger. Available in sizes to suit every home, they come with everything you need, filters, pump, air stone, ceramic media, transformer and water treatment. Simply plug in and add water and fish. Place one on a biOrb aquarium stand and enjoy in your home


The biOrb CLASSIC is the original, and first biOrb. It marries the simple beauty of a classic fish bowl with the filtration of a functional aquarium. Its small base makes it ideal for many homes.


biOrb LIFE

Give LIFE to your home environment with an elegant aquarium featuring beautifully curved edges. biOrb LIFE is a unique design statement. Simply put, it looks like no other fish tank. Its seamless design creates a spectacular display for any home, framed in a shape that is timeless.

biOrb HALO

The biOrb HALO , features a hidden water line that makes your underwater world appear suspended in space. The simplicity of the curved design makes this a unique fish tank and neatly houses the light, filter and airline.


Six designs – endless possibilities

The unique and innovative designs of biOrb are available in six styles. Together with the decoration elements exclusively available for biOrb WATER, you have endless possibilities for your own personal interior design. 

Create new worlds

biOrb AIR and biOrb WATER were developed with urban living environments in mind. Particularly in cities space is becoming a luxury good. Our motivation is to combine this development with a passion for interior design and nature. Small worlds in extraordinary design as a resting place for the mind. Small worlds that you can redesign again and again with little maintenance. 

biOrb WATER: Decoration sets 

For an easy start with biOrb WATER we offer you complete decoration sets. Even if you’d rather create your own design, you will find a wealth of ideas for your individual creations in our range of individual decorative pieces. A small tip: For every size and every design, we always put together new "recipe cards" for example designs. 


biOrb WATER: LED or MCR lighting

Multi Colour Remote (MCR) or LED – you choose! White LED lighting provides clean and simple illumination for your biOrb. MCR lighting provides an additional 15 colours so that you can control the hue of your biOrb. Choose between automatic colour changes or the specific colour of your choice, and adjust the intensity of light to your current requirements.


biOrb AIR: Example setup 

Design your biOrb AIR with natural plants and create entire miniature landscapes. Our example video shows how easily you can create a small bonsai forest in only six steps. Experience the attraction and the calming effect of biOrb AIR.