Bring their wonderful world into yours

Whether you’re a herpetologist looking for the very best environment for your animals… 
…are new to the pleasure of keeping reptiles or amphibians and want a spectacular centrepiece or exquisite feature…
…the stylish biOrb EARTH is the perfect addition for any room in your home. And that’s even before you look inside to be transported to join your animals in their natural environment.

12 invisible reasons why this really is the best Vivarium ever

You can immediately see how good the biOrb EARTH looks. But what makes it the best vivarium ever is hidden from view. For example, with traditional vivariums you need several different plugs; one for each light, another for the fan, etc. biOrb EARTH needs just 1.

Unsightly spaghetti mounds of cables or ghastly multi sockets are gone. In their place a single wire and plug, requiring a single socket.

Total Control with the OASE Control App

Every aspect of biOrb EARTH’s internal environment is set using the OASE Control App. Simple to use, the app gives you precise control through its intuitive interface. Temperature, humidity, daylight hours, etc can all be set for individual seasons or for the entire year.


Here's how you set up the biOrb EARTH

Acrylic vs. Glass

When your animals look this good, why keep them in a drab vivarium?

Vivariums have changed little since keeping reptiles and amphibians first became popular. Modern designs may be made with better, lighter or stronger materials. But their basic designs remain unchanged; ugly boxes requiring external lamps and other accessories to be bolted on - antiquated and most unattractive. Not the new biOrb EARTH. 

There’s no denying it looks great with a sophisticated style to match your home. But, like all biOrb products, elegant, minimalist design is not enough. The biOrb EARTH must have ‘functional beauty’. Its performance needs to be every bit as good as it looks. Which is why biOrb EARTH uses acrylic instead of glass. Not only is it incredibly strong and a good insulator … … acrylic doesn’t have the green tint you get with glass. And acrylic allows 23% more light to pass through. So for the first time you can really see your animals in their home.

Substrate heater cable and patented temperature control unit

An authentic 3D temperature environment

On biOrb EARTH’s floor, a substrate heater cable maintains ground temperature. Its heating element can be configured allowing you to create warm basking spots in a particular corner, or along a side. Direct heating of the substrate mimics the real world where the ground is slower to heat up in the morning and cool in the evening. But that’s not all … 

Mounted at the rear of the tank is a patented temperature control unit. Using a solid-state Peltier driven heat pump and fans, air is constantly recirculated within the tank – heating and cooling as required. This combination of heating elements enables temperatures of up to 45°C or down to 3°C below ambient. It also creates an authentic 3D temperature environment. 

Here not only does the temperature vary from the bottom to top of biOrb EARTH … … the constant feed of fresh (warm or cooled) air mixes with the air re-circulating within the tank… … mirroring what happens in the wild. 

Because whilst the warmer air always rises, the air swirling around your landscape provides a varied temperature change from the ground upwards.

The humidity your animal expects… 
…all meticulously monitored and regulated

Ultrasonic mister, Capillary matting…

Twin directional rain nozzles and Two sensors

Maintaining the humidity in a traditional vivarium is either performed through manual misting - a regular chore. Or by ‘bolting on’ a humidifier or external misting System - more unattractive components to control and try to hide. 

biOrb EARTH’s ultrasonic mister is built in with its own dedicated fan and tank hidden at the rear. What’s more, there are also twin integrated, directional nozzles to create rain inside your biOrb EARTH. This combination provides the most realistic humidity and precipitation of any vivarium available.

Because biOrb EARTH replicates the natural world with a range of temperatures within the tank, a single sensor is not enough. This is why to constantly monitor and control the temperature and humidity levels your animals require, your biOrb EARTH has two hidden sensors – one at the top of the tank and one at the bottom.

At the base of the biOrb EARTH is a free draining support layer with capillary matting. This ensures the correct level of moisture for your plants and a bio-active substrate – aiding you to create your own special piece of the natural world.

The closest to real sunlight in any vivarium

Nestled in biOrb EARTH’s roof are two banks of high performance, long life Sunlike LED bulbs. Standard LEDs produce white light by coating a blue LED chip with a phosphor layer. This process gives the lights a blue bias which interferes with your animals’ natural body rhythm (Circadian Rhythm). It does the same to you too. Sunlike LEDs are manufactured in a unique way to make them the closest to real sunlight of any light available. And with a lifetime of 50,000 hours, you won’t need to replace the Sunlike LEDs in a hurry. To further recreate the natural world, each day in your biOrb EARTH begins with sunrise. Then moves to midday and, finally, sunset.

However, these lighting changes are not just created by adjusting the brightness of the LEDS. Three separate channels increase and decrease in sequence so your biOrb EARTH features a true, east-west solar day – benefiting both your animals and plants.

Basking in the sun’s warmth

Reptiles are cold blooded (Ectotherms), requiring the warmth of the sun to achieve their correct body temperature. So to complete the full spectrum of natural sunlight, biOrb EARTH adds the sun’s ‘invisible rays’ - near infrared - to provide natural warmth for basking. There’s no standard configuration for biOrb EARTH’s range of lights. You arrange the four banks in the combination which best suits you and your animals.


Keeping your animals healthy, naturally

Just like us your animals need vitamin D3 to grow and maintain strong bones. For many looking after this aspect of their animals’ health involves ‘dusting’ their food with supplements. In the natural world, ultraviolet from the sun’s rays (UVA & UVB) is absorbed through the skin generating vitamin D3 production. So alongside the roof mounted Sunlike LEDs, the biOrb EARTH also has a dimmable ultraviolet lamp. This replicates the UVA and UVB rays your animals naturally receive.

Adding an extra dimension

Until now, vivariums have only been able to emulate how your animals’ natural world looks and feels – with varying degrees of success. biOrb EARTH takes this emulation one step further with the inclusion of an embedded speaker. What an animal hears isn’t simply the background noise of their environment. Certain sounds trigger particular events. An obvious example being mating calls. Using the biOrb EARTH app you can decide what sounds will be played into the vivarium.

Keeping it inside

Your biOrb EARTH, and the wondrous spectacle you create inside it, are for anyone who sees them to enjoy. So great care has been taken to create stable, natural conditions of temperature and humidity. To maintain these there are gasket seals around the lid and all external openings. 

Air Filters 

When you create a natural, bio-active setup with plants, your biOrb EARTH won’t simply look natural, it will also smell as it should. However, the smell should not be detectable outside of the tank. To make sure it isn’t … … fresh air enters the EARTH from a fan drawing it through an activated carbon pre-filter to keep it pure and free from any contaminants, such as aerosols … … this new air displaces some from within the tank which is exhausted through activated carbon filters in the lid’s wings. As well as any odours, these filters and seals keep any fruit flies or other live food inside the tank. Meaning your biOrb EARTH can be placed in any room, to be enjoyed by all.​

The simple way to a stunning world inside your biOrb EARTH

The animals you keep inside your biOrb EARTH are beautiful. But your tank needs shape and form to match the animals’ natural environment and to really come alive. To help you biOrb have a range of sculptures and accessories.


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