Experience the inspiring world of OASE aquariums and the unique biOrb design objects. Be inspired by our premium aquariums from the HighLine collection and the compact StyleLine aquariums. Uncompromisingly high-quality equipment and exquisite design variants. Plus perfectly matched accessories ranging from pumps and filters, to lighting, decoration and care products, and smart aquarium controls. With biOrb AIR and biOrb WATER we have developed stylish design objects. These exotic worlds of plants and water offer you completely new possibilities for every interior, even in the smallest of spaces.


Premium aquariums

The aquariums from the HighLine collection are a stylish highlight in every living room. Flush design, configurable in five different sizes and three colours with high-quality LED lighting options. They feature impressive hidden technology, a lot of storage space, and make caring for the inhabitants of the aquarium convenient. 

ScaperLine aquariums

The new OASE "ScaperLine" aquarium range helps you create a work of art with the perfect balance of nature, design and technology. Details such as the mitre-cut OptiWhite glass, the magnets integrated in the cabinet for the scaping tools and the cable routing system make this aquarium truly impressive. Create the perfect environment for landscapes, plants and animals, and discover the new world of scaping.  

Compact aquariums

Discover OASE StyleLine aquariums: complete sets with filter, heater and LED lighting ready to use straight away. Available in two sizes and two colours. Amazes even in its compact size with lots of storage space and room for technology. A great experience, for professionals and beginners alike. 

All the ingredients for stylish underwater worlds

With our wide range of accessories for equipment and care there are no limits to your ideas. OASE offers perfectly matched technology for lighting, heating and water quality from one source. Together with decorative elements and cleaning accessories you create perfect underwater worlds – so easy with OASE. 


With an abundance of back walls, stones, woods and plants you can lay the foundation for your own underwater landscapes. You will also find the right tools with us. Ask your dealer or take a look around.

The new generation of sustainable fish food

Like all genuine aquarium enthusiasts, we’re sure you want only the best for your fish. And as you’re well aware, the first step is feeding them right food! But what’s the difference between good fish food and fish food par excellence? Quality ingredients, perhaps? Or a well-balanced formula? Sustainably sourced ingredients? Actually, we believe it’s the entire package.

Aquarium technology and accessories

Filters, UVC clarifiers and dechlorinators, filter media, pumps as well as heaters and feeding tools – perfectly matched to your requirements. Everything to make it easy and convenient to take care of your passion.  

Smart Home aquarium control

With Easy Aquarium Control (EAC), you control connected flow pumps and lighting via your smartphone. Perfect for a smart start or can be retrofitted at any time.


biOrbs are unique design objects for your home. biOrb AIR is designed as a terrarium and biOrb WATER as an underwater landscape – with artificial or natural flora and optionally even without any fish. With our unique design concept we define a new standard. Everything is a bit different here – guaranteed. 

biOrb AIR

A smart design object in which you can easily grow tropical plants such as bonsai or orchids at home. Lighting and humidity are automatically controlled so that your plants get everything they need. Caring for your plants is amazingly easy. 


To enhance the real plants in the biOrb AIR, we also offer many decorative ornaments. It is the mix that makes it: Tree roots or shells can add imaginative accents. Looking for ideas?


Here you can find an array of accessories that make taking care of your biOrb AIR easy. Including replacement filter cartridges and Humidimist.


biOrb WATER combines exclusive design with natural underwater worlds. Setup, use and maintenance are surprisingly simple because of our patented filter system. Thanks to the perfectly coordinated concept, you can even keep small fish in it.


With biOrb, you can get a wealth of individual decorative pieces, and also entire decoration sets. Create a world entirely according to your taste. All elements are designed with attention to detail: small works of art for your underwater world. 


No matter which biOrb WATER design you choose, the entire range of accessories is suitable for all versions. All components – from filters, air pumps, lights and heater to the cleaner tool – have been specially developed for biOrb.