Aquariums are enriching. Many aquarists appreciate the meditative power of their underwater worlds. Time seems to run more slowly in these microcosms. Aquariums should also meet the requirements of high-quality design objects and be easy to integrate into your living environment. Your very individual underwater world. Enjoy the peace and harmony that your aquarium and its inhabitants radiate.


OASE design and technology: aquariums for your home

The premium class: HighLine aquariums

HighLine stands for the highest level in premium aquatics. The design is characterised by clear lines. On the one hand, it doesn't distract from the inner life of the aquarium and on the other hand it can be integrated into almost any living area. Just as with the design, you do not have to make any compromises with us regarding workmanship, equipment and technology. HighLine aquariums can be individually configured in five sizes, three colours and from lighting to filters. 


Smart aquarium control: enjoy more convenience

Our sophisticated digital aquarium control (Easy Aquarium Control, EAC) for smartphone and tablet is a digital highlight available for all HighLines. With the EAC, you can control all connected devices from the flow pump to the lighting. You always have a clear view of your underwater world even when you are on the move and can correct any faults immediately. Stay smart and ask us about the Easy Aquarium Control. 


The new compact class: StyleLine aquariums

The new OASE StyleLine aquariums represent our complete solutions – for professionals and for beginners. Just as with HighLine aquariums, we only accept the highest standards of design, technology and workmanship. StyleLine aquariums are available in two sizes and two colours and come as a complete set including base cabinet, lighting, filter and heater. 


The world in the aquarium   
From the Congo to the Amazon 

Bring nature into your home and make the aquarium a little paradise for you and your fish. Our passion for aquatics and your imagination allow you to create your own personal underwater world. With an abundance of scapes, decoration sets and lights, you can faithfully recreate various underwater habitats. You can set up the most diverse light and flow conditions and combine them with each other to create extraordinary scenarios, such as a rainforest storm.

Let there be light: smart LED lighting

The right light for self-contained water worlds is important for plants and animals. Our Classic lighting offers the full spectrum of sunlight with constant colour temperature for plant growth and satisfied fish. Everything from the lamp to the bracket is included, ready to go. With Premium lighting, you can set up and control individual lighting effects via smartphone or tablet. The energy efficiency classes of our modern LED technology range from A to A++. A waterproof construction, which protects LEDs from external influences, is something we do as standard.




Decoration and accessories

Treat yourself and your fish not only to optimal technology but also to a stylish and ambient underwater scene. Create theme worlds with corresponding back walls, stones, woods and plants. A small tip: Make sure that the plants are suitable for your animals. Tweezers and plant scissors as well as other care tools can be found here.


Passion comes before technology

Passion for aquatics is our top priority. It drives us to always think one step ahead, especially when it comes to technology. Technology ensures the quality of life of the aquatic animals entrusted to your care. That is why OASE aquariums offer maximum convenience – for simple operation and maintenance, but above all so that animals and plants are happy. 

Aquarium technology and accessories:   
perfectly coordinated technology 

OASE components are ideally matched to each other across the entire range. The range also includes a large selection of care accessories. The consistently modular concept behind it ensures easy handling, from uncomplicated installation to simple maintenance. Heaters, automatic feeders, UVC devices, thermostats, dechlorinators and plenty of care accessories – all from one source and with competent advice.