Stylish home office with a design aquarium

Turn your home office into another world

Working from home means we have complete freedom to set up our home office in the way that works best for us – from a clean desk with minimalist furnishings to creative chaos and cosy flair. When working from home, we determine everything. The parameters may be set by the space we have but we don't have to be restricted by that.  

Integrated workplace

Having your workplace integrated into a larger room can quickly lead to a feeling of restlessness. It can be particularly difficult to make the distinction between leisure time and working time. Visually separating your work and leisure areas aids concentration while working and allows you to switch off during leisure time.

The HighLine room divider takes care of this visual separation without making the room smaller. The HighLine offers an unobstructed view of the underwater world from three sides, inviting you to dream and relax from all angles. 


Small study

A small study offers the convenience of a quiet workplace, but it also presents some challenges. It's important to make optimal use of the limited space, in order to create sufficient working and storage space. However, tall shelving units are not always conducive to the atmosphere of the room and can quickly constrict the space.  

The HighLine 175 provides a feeling of freedom and space, and thanks to its compact size, is also suitable for small rooms. The view into the aquarium adds depth to the room, meaning creativity can develop without being confined – there's space for inspiration. 


Spacious study

Additional space in the study makes interior design much simpler. The large space means that furniture can be placed anywhere and decoration will take full effect.  

An added bonus is that there's room for a small oasis of calm in your workspace. A comfortable sofa or straight-backed leather armchair invites you to linger and offers a cosy place for long conference calls. The HighLine 300 is the ideal addition to your home office. In a large study, this premium aquarium has the space it needs to achieve its full effect. It complements the rest area perfectly and allows your eyes to relax.  


A study without natural light

Your home office won't always be bathed in natural light but even a small corner in a dark hallway or in the basement can be transformed into a pleasant workplace with the right elements. In dark corners or rooms without natural light, it's especially important to have something bright to make the atmosphere less monotonous and bring life back to the gloomy-looking space.  

The biOrb AIR is a vivarium that's an ideal home for tropical plants in particular. It allows the plants to bloom without natural light, thanks to the automatic humidity control and the integrated lighting, which simulates a 24h cycle. You're literally bringing your work space to life.  


Child's room

Your child will play, work, sleep, argue, do arts and crafts, read and learn in their room – it's a place that needs to integrate many different spaces and functions at once. Tidiness and tranquillity are particularly important for doing homework, while the room should exude a certain cosiness during the evening hours. Combining these rather contrasting moods is not always easy.  

The StyleLine 85 is a connecting element between these moods. Its compact size makes this beginner aquarium ideal for children's rooms. Looking into this underwater world will help children concentrate and relax.  


Relax and Enjoy

Large and small spaces alike benefit from the advantages that an aquarium has to offer. The eyes can wander from the screen to the underwater world and relax. Observing the steady movements of the aquatic animals for only a short time helps you feel much calmer and more serene.  

For example, you could use your lunch break when working from home to recharge your batteries for the afternoon.   

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