Clear and pure throughout autumn and winter

Autumn is the time to get ready for colder days. From harvesting to gardening, there's plenty to do. We are delighted to be able to offer all kinds of helpful systems for pond maintenance around your home and garden, ensuring that your pond's surface will continue to gleam with a crystal-clear reflection. 

A crystal-clear water surface

As autumn approaches, trees and shrubs will start to lose their leaves. When these fall into a pond, they can create a colourful surface on the water. However, beautiful as they are on the surface, these leaves gradually sink to the bottom of the pond and form a layer of sludge. With the right equipment, it's easy to prevent this from happening: Pond skimmers remove leaves and small twigs from the surface of the water before they submerge.

While the SwimSkim and Skimmer 250 work independently via an integrated pump, the AquaSkim can be connected to the existing pond pump.

Treat your pond plants to an autumn trim

While your flowers and grass around the pond are enjoying the last of the summer sun and cooler temperatures are on the way, it's the ideal time to treat your pond plants to a trim ahead of the autumn and winter. Brown stems and dead plant remains can be trimmed without getting your feet wet by using pond scissors. The debris can then be collected using a grabber or a dipping net.

These useful accessories for pond maintenance only take up a small amount of space in your shed and can be kept close at hand for when they're required. Fine-meshed pond and fish dipping nets can be used to safely catch and extract leaves, plant remains and pond wildlife. The FlexiCut 2-in-1 Pond Scissors can be used make cuts while holding on to the cut material.

A detox for the bottom of your pond

A detox for the bottom of your pond 
Below the surface of the water, the lively activity of the pond inhabitants begin to slow down. As the seasons change, they will start to look for deeper and warmer areas close to the bottom of the pond.

We recommend thoroughly cleaning the bottom of the pond of mud and plant remains in advance of this. A pond and pool vacuum cleaner makes this easy. The PondoVac Classic entry level model is suitable for small ponds that are easier to care for, while the PondoVac 3 is suited to small and medium-sized ponds alike. For larger bodies of water, we recommend high-performance pond vacuums such as the PondoVac 4 and 5. These powerful devices are equipped with a dirty water outflow as well as other practical extras.

All pond vacuums are supplied with a variety of nozzles.

Keep your fish aerated

Winter is a fascinating time of year. A blanket of snow covers the garden and the frozen pond surface glistens in the winter sun. However, when the water below is fully sealed off by a layer of ice, this prevents the oxygen exchange from occurring that pond organisms require. By taking small precautions, even before winter sets in, fish and amphibians can enjoy the peaceful stillness of the season without any issues.

Practical in winter, pretty in summer: The IceFree 4 Seasons device transforms into an eye-catching feature for your pond in the warmer half of the year.

Tip: For ponds with a large number of fish, the AquaOxy Pond Aerator is the ideal supplement to the ice prevention unit. These small, self-contained devices transfer oxygen from the air into the pond in summer and winter.

Would you like to make your pond fit for the winter?
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