A pond in the garden is the ideal place for many people to relax and find peace. Long summer evenings alone or with company are just as appealing as a weekend with your favourite book or simply the fulfilment of working in the paradise of a small garden. It doesn't matter about the size of the garden or the body of water. The only thing that matters is what you want. Garden ponds are rewarding places; for small animals and birds as well as fish if you choose to add them. Customise the design with individual accents and enjoy your private world by the water throughout the year. 

The variety of garden ponds 

The garden is both a retreat and meeting place. A garden pond makes it even more attractive for both. Modern technology offers every garden lover unlimited design possibilities and considerably easier and more efficient maintenance. You might like straightforward, architectural design; or perhaps a natural look; maybe you prefer varied combinations with unique lighting? Impressive bodies of water can be created even in the smallest of spaces. At OASE, for every idea you'll find perfectly coordinated advice and technology. From a small decorative pool to a large garden pond with fish – we have the solution for you.

Garden pond: the modern classic

It does not necessarily have to be the classical form. Each pond can appear as natural and individual as you wish thanks to the various design options of the bank zones in combination with invisibly arranged technology. At the same time, every body of water supports biodiversity and species diversity. And you get advice and equipment from one source for this too. 


The architectural garden pond

Preferences such as straight, right-angled lines are a matter of style. It is your world, it is your dream. A clear edge can be shown on the pond in many different ways – planted, densely overgrown or framed with stone slabs or wooden planks.


Creatively integrating architecturally designed ponds in a small area is easily achievable with OASE products. Let OASE inspire you to realise your dream of a garden pond, even in places others wouldn’t imagine it.

Decorative pond: the small water world

Fish need a certain size of the pond. Your wealth of ideas does not. With small water feature pumps, decorative elements such as waterspouts, and lighting you can add unique touches. Effort and maintenance are comparatively minimal. 


Easy Garden Control: smart control of your garden pond

You are not at home, maybe you're on holiday? No problem. Now you can control the entire pond system; pumps, filters, lighting, and water features conveniently via your smartphone. Easy Garden Control (EGC) can notify you of the status at any time; and can even automatically inform your trusted gardener or landscaper in case of any unforeseen events. 


Easy Garden Control

Design without limits

Balcony and terrace: small water worlds

You don't have a garden for a pond? No problem: Here you can find suggestions for impressive and eye-catching options for the balcony or terrace.


Swimming pond: one size larger

Do you love the free movement in nature? Swimming in clear water? Here you can find several suggestions for a swimming pond in your garden.


Your garden pond as a stage for nature

Give your ideas free rein and stage your garden pond with attractions in any size you wish. Combine water and garden and vary them according to your mood. The cosy waterfall gleams in warm light in the evening, the water spout seems almost alive in the play between light and shadow, and the bank vegetation looks like a theatre stage. With water features or streams and endless lighting variations, you can skilfully set the scene for your pond.

Lighting: also with smart WiFi control

Add extraordinary highlights with our lighting solutions for both above and below water. With the Easy Garden Control (EGC) from OASE, you can control and playfully vary all components via your smartphone at any time. 


The full range: water features, waterfalls and watercourses


What element can be played with as wonderfully as water? Water fountains and features can either be permanently installed or floating. All sizes of fountain attachments create their own water sculptures. Streams with a natural stone appearance not only look great, but also give your garden a pleasant background noise. In addition, stainless steel waterfall blades can be installed on even the smallest balcony or terrace. They also enrich the water with oxygen in a natural way. All products are of course highly efficient in energy consumption.


Perfectly matched products for your garden pond

Filter pumps

Filter pumps take the water to the pond filters, which remove the dirt particles. They ensure good water quality and a stable ecosystem.


UVC clarifiers, filters and aerators

Depending on the pond volume, you will find the filter components that are tailored exactly to your needs. Fish, in particular, are appreciate the addition of pond aerators.


Care products

With OASE pond care products you not only ensure the water quality at all times, but also counteract algae growth.