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New, exciting products for your aquarium world and amazing features at a glance.


The new generation of sustainable fish food

Like all genuine aquarium enthusiasts, we’re sure you want only the best for your fish. And as you’re well aware, the first step is feeding them right food! But what’s the difference between good fish food and fish food par excellence? Quality ingredients, perhaps? Or a well-balanced formula? Sustainably sourced ingredients? Actually, we believe it’s the entire package.


ScaperLine aquarium care

Strong plant growth, intensive leaf colours and a balanced nutrient supply - the systematically coordinated fertilisers of the Scaper Range ensure an adequate nutrient supply in your aquarium even with abundant planting.

ScaperLine white

The ScaperLine series sets a new standard for aquascaping. We're now creating new ways to make your aquarium fit the aesthetic of your home even better. Discover the ScaperLine cabinet, with all the series' features, now in white!

ScaperLine design panels

The new, black ScaperLine magnetic panels allow you to customise your ScaperLine cabinet even further – ideal for aquarium technology and matching your home décor. In addition, the CO2variant allows you to route the hoses neatly into the cabinet.

ShutOff Valve

The new ShutOff Valve from OASE makes cleaning and servicing the filter and its hoses even more convenient. No dripping water will come out when disconnecting the hoses, meaning you can have easy access to the filter.


Modern design, easy to use: The new OASE CrystalSkim surface skimmer enables you to reliably remove the biofilm and film residue formed by microorganisms from your aquarium. CrystalSkim delivers a crystal-clear water surface and active gas exchange in your aquarium.


OASE Soil is a high-quality Japanese soil for professional aquarists and scapers. Experience the effects for yourself and enjoy the perfect plant base and stabilising water values. 


Discover the first and only Vivarium that's as beautiful as the animals you keep in it...
…and stylish as your home.

biOrb EARTH gives you everything you need from a vivarium to create the perfect home for your animals – whatever your ability. Whilst everyone admires its looks, expert keepers will revel in the precise, total control they have over every aspect of their biOrb EARTH’s environment. Those newer to the incredible world of herpetology will delight at the biOrb EARTH’s combination of comprehensiveness and ease of use.