New Products Indoor Aquatics

New, exciting products for your aquarium world and amazing features at a glance.

ScaperLine – by professionals for professionals. 

The new OASE "ScaperLine" aquarium range helps you create a work of art with the perfect balance of nature, design and technology. Details such as the mitre-cut OptiWhite glass, the magnets integrated in the cabinet for the scaping tools and the cable routing system make this aquarium truly impressive. Create the perfect environment for landscapes, plants and animals, and discover the new world of scaping.  

Discover the first and only Vivarium that's as beautiful as the animals you keep in it...
…and stylish as your home.

biOrb EARTH gives you everything you need from a vivarium to create the perfect home for your animals – whatever your ability. Whilst everyone admires its looks, expert keepers will revel in the precise, total control they have over every aspect of their biOrb EARTH’s environment. Those newer to the incredible world of herpetology will delight at the biOrb EARTH’s combination of comprehensiveness and ease of use.

HighLine 600

Discover our new, impressive aquarium from the HighLine range. The HighLine 600 opens up completely new design options thanks to its impressive size and extensive features. A particular highlight is the integrated cabinet with pull-out shelving, which is perfect for storing food and care products for your fish. This model also features OptiWhite glass, so you can get a clear view of your underwater world. Make your designs even bigger, more impressive and more diverse with the HighLine 600. 

HighLine Roomdivider

This HighLine aquarium is extra special – with the new room divider, OASE has created a new, modern design concept for your home. Thanks to the access to the cabinet on both sides, the room divider has plenty of storage space and ticks all the visual and technical boxes. Create a new environment and discover new possibilities.