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2 days

Water, nature and creativity can come together to create unique spaces within a garden. Let your ideas flow as freely as the water to create a dreamlike atmosphere for your watercourse project. We're here to help you every step of the way. 

Individual creations

Whether you want to recreate your favourite river for an organic, natural look or prefer a watercourse of an architecturally modern design, the choice is yours. Thematic design, for example a Japanese style, can also be achieved by means of form and materials.


Flowing rhythms

If you want variety in how the flowing water sounds, mixing up the size of weirs and waterfalls in the watercourse will lend itself to a lively rhythm. But even a gently flowing body of water has its own meditative charm.


Harmonious landscapes

Your watercourse achieves its full effect with a stylish waterline design that blends harmoniously with the garden landscape. In this way, a Japanese waterbed can become part of a spiritual zen garden or a rushing mountain stream can be reminiscent of a wild-looking idyll. 


From idea to completion

How you can create a 5 m long watercourse with reservoir of your own design

Step 1: Requirements

You should allow two days to create the watercourse. Add a further day if the waterline is to be more extensive. You can find out how to calculate product and material quantities, and which tools you will need, in the detailed instructions.  

Step 2: Preparation

Now that you have the style and shape of the watercourse in mind, it's time to set it down. A close examination of the location and an accurate sketch are crucial to the success of this project.

Step 3: Construction

Now the real work begins. Install the reservoir and the waterbed one after the other. Finally, insert the watercourse pump and let the first drops of water flow. Your design for the waterline will add the perfect touch to your creation.  

Step 4: Maintenance

For long-lasting enjoyment of your creation, we recommend that you keep in mind a few tips for maintaining the watercourse. These include small weather-related and seasonal touches which ensure that the water in the watercourse and pond remains clear for a long time. 

Detailed instructions

In our detailed instructions, you will find everything you need to successfully create a watercourse of your own design. 


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Alternatively, you might like to have your pond built by a professional – if so, our gardening and landscaping partners will be happy to help you.


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