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Gentle splashing or noisy babbling? Easily said, easily done – because creating a watercourse can be done in a short time with just a few steps: With or without a pond, thanks to modular watercourse elements, it's easy to create your own little stream in the garden.

Calming and invigorating

The calming and invigorating effect of water is fascinating, especially because of the very special sound that flowing water makes. For rhythmic variety, we recommend using elements with small weirs.


Close to nature and creative

Today Niagara Falls, tomorrow the Grand Canyon: The dynamic shapes and colours of the detailed elements ensure a near-natural appearance. You can design the waterline to suit your own taste.


From idea to completion

How to build a 3 m long watercourse with elements and a pre-formed pond

Step 1: Requirements

Depending on whether you are working with an existing pond or creating a new one, you should allow 1–2 days for building the watercourse. You can find out which products and tools you need in the detailed instructions.

Step 2: Preparation

You've chosen the watercourse elements. Before you start with the construction, determine the location where the watercourse is to be created and roughly sketch the area and the route that the watercourse is going to take.

Step 3: Construction

Now the real work begins. Install the pre-formed pond and the watercourse elements one after the other. Finally, insert the watercourse pump and let the first drops of water flow. Attentive design of your waterline will give your project the finishing touch.

Step 4: Maintenance

For long-lasting enjoyment of your creation, we recommend that you keep in mind a few tips for maintaining the watercourse. These include small weather-related and seasonal touches which will ensure that the water in the watercourse and pond remains clear for a long time. 

Detailed instructions

In our detailed instructions, you will find everything you need for the successful installation of a 3 m long watercourse and pre-formed pond. 


Recommended products for your watercourse with elements

Source: Staubbach Falls grey, left

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Staubbach Falls grey, left

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You can find all our products at our expert specialist dealers in your area. 

Alternatively, you might like to have your pond built by a professional – if so, our gardening and landscaping partners will be happy to help you. 


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