Level 3

4–6 days

Your garden is blooming and buzzing. All the wonderful colours are beautifully reflected on the surface of your pond. A sight that invites you to dream. Your new garden oasis is special – because you created it yourself. Are you afraid of getting hands-on and doing something wrong? Don't worry, we'll show you how to do it step by step while letting you call all the shots.

Individual design

A classic oval shape individually designed specifically for your garden? Liner ponds let your fantasy run wild when it comes to shaping. And only one person decides what your dream pond should look like: you alone.


A species-rich pond landscape

Ponds bring nature to your garden. From native aquatic plants to pollinators to wild birds enjoying the feeding station, water dispenser and bird bath. The water is full of sticklebacks and other fish as well as other aquatic life. And in the evening, the hedgehog stops by for a sip of water.


From idea to completion

How to build an individually shaped garden pond with liner

Step 1: Requirements

What should you consider and decide in advance? How much time and what materials, products and tools will you need? You can find out all this with us in the first step of our guide.

Step 2: Preparation

You know what materials and tools you need. Before you can begin work on your project, you first need to determine the exact location of your liner pond. In this step, you will prepare the site and give some initial thought to the stages of the build.

Step 3: Construction

Now the real work begins. You now determine the shape and depth of your pond and start digging. Finally, you lay a layer of fleece underlay and the pond liner, install the technical equipment and decorate and plant the pond edge to your heart's content.   

Step 4: Maintenance

For long-lasting enjoyment of your own domestic biotope, we recommend following a few tips for maintaining it. These include small weather-related and seasonal touches which ensure that the water in the pond will remain clear for a long time.

Detailed instructions

In our detailed instructions , you will find everything you need to successfully build a pond using pond liner.


Recommended products for your pond with pond liner

Protective pond fleece 200 g/m² / 2x75 m

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AlfaFol black 1.0 mm / 2 x 50 m

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PVC-Liner repair kit

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PondEdge pond rim

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PondEdge 10 ground spikes

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Filtral UVC 6000

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Plant basket rectangular 23

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Coconut embankment mats 1 x 20 m

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Stone liner granite-grey 0.4 x 25 m

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Water spouts Fish

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Watercourse Base Set 15000

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You can find all our products at our expert specialist dealers in your area

Alternatively, you might like to have your pond built by a professional – if so, our gardening and landscaping partners will be happy to help you.


Ready for your next water garden project? Expand your pond, for instance by adding a bubbling stream. Be inspired by other projects.