Group Management

Cornelius Everke CEO

Cornelius Everke
Chief Executive Officer

Cornelius Everke is a proven brand and company builder with decades of management, strategy, and operations experience. 

He has a track record of driving significant commercial growth and increased profitability at leading multi-national corporations across 30+ years and multiple CEO roles. His experience spans different company life cycle stages from entrepreneurial leadership, to established mid-market companies. After a career leading international consumer, hospitality and food and beverage businesses, he brings a global mindset and a fresh, consumer-oriented perspective to OASE.  

Most recently Cornelius served as Chief Executive Officer of Burger King Deutschland GmbH.

Thorsten Muck CEO

Michael Koch
Chief Operating Officer

Michael Koch has been Chief Operating Officer for the OASE Group since 2018.

Prior to this, he was responsible for quality assurance at PARI GmbH for several years in various management roles. In 2014, he was appointed Vice President Production & Engineering, Authorised Representative of PARItec GmbH. In 2017, he then became Vice President Operations, Authorised Representative.