Core 6 Technology Next Level Efficieny

Welcome to next-level efficiency. With our motors featuring new and innovative CORE 6 Technology, we are making our OASE products even more efficient and energy-saving than ever before – as a result, we are the innovation leader in the water and garden sector. You can now benefit from the powerful, quiet technology in your garden paradise and permanently reduce your ongoing energy costs.

OASE offers high-quality technology and first-class workmanship from experienced specialists. Everything from a single source – made in Germany.

The smoothest possible operation

Our new motors operate using optimised space vector modulation, which balances and significantly improves the current flow. This result of this new technology is that the motor operates more efficiently than ever before, even at full power. For example, our filter and watercourse pumps from the AquaMax Eco Premium range use up to 24% less energy than their predecessors.

A look at our motors with CORE 6 Technology


On the surface:

  • More robust and wear-resistant: The rotor is made of fibreglass-reinforced plastic
  • Durable: The impeller reliably transports coarse dirt up to 11 mm
Rotor rear view

Behind the scenes:

  • Perfect interaction: Multiple windings and magnets ensure smoother and more energy-efficient operation.
  • Ceramic bearings and ceramic shafts with an increased bearing surface: Makes the bearing, shaft and rotor even more wear-resistant and durable

Next Level Efficiency by OASE

The new motors in our premium pumps now feature six windings and four extra-strong magnets to ensure extremely smooth operation. The more efficient current flow makes the rotation smoother and more even, reducing vibration noise to a new minimum and eliminating whistling noise. You can also rely on our exceptional OASE quality: The smoother rotations reduce wear of the material. The powerful rotor made of robust fibreglass-reinforced plastic and the ceramic bearing in the motor block therefore last even longer.

Improvements in six areas

1. Optimised current flow

Improved current flow for reduced energy requirements

2. Extremely quiet

Even and smooth rotation for less noise

3. Even more durable

Less wear thanks to smoother rotation

4. Even more energy efficient

Increased efficiency with reduced energy consumption

5. Even more economical

Optimised energy efficiency for permanent savings on electricity costs

6. Even smarter

Adapt pump performance to meet individual requirements – with the OASE Control app including voice control 

Discover our new products with CORE 6 Technology

You can already experience our new motor technology and all of the benefits with our AquaMax Eco Premium product family. We will equip other products with the highly efficient motor technology in the future too, so that you can make use of a wide range of products to transform your garden into a more relaxed place of wellbeing, while easily saving even more energy.

Increased performance with reduced energy requirements

You can see how efficient and economical our new pumps are using the example of our AquaMax Eco Premium 17000.

Aquamax comparison graphic

Our graphic shows just how efficiently the pump works in your garden. It depicts the water flow rates (Q) in litres per minute compared to the respective delivery head (H) in metres of water column (mWC) of the pump. The bars therefore indicate how much water is pumped at the respective operating points. Compared to the predecessor AquaMax Eco Premium 16000, the new pump with CORE 6 Technology delivers a significantly increased water volume with similar power consumption.

Save even more energy and money

Thanks to the improved energy efficiency with CORE 6 Technology, operating filter and watercourse pumps during the season is now also more cost-effective. You can take this even further using the OASE Control app. Flexibly increase or decrease the pump flow rate incrementally, thereby adjusting the performance to suit your needs. And this is made even easier with an automatic integrated timer for different times of the day or holidays.

You can find out about other energy-saving potential offered by our respective products here.


You can find our new products with CORE 6 Technology here.