Our ORGANIX promise: 
as nature intended 
Quality aquatic and plant-based ingredients

Our ORGANIX promise: 
MSC-certified aquarium food

Our ORGANIX promise: 
a diverse range
A wide range of options for a colourful menu

Dynamix Fischfutter in verschiedenen Verpackungen: Eine Auswahl an Fischfutter in unterschiedlichen Packungsgrößen.

The new sustainable fish food generation

Like all genuine aquarium enthusiasts, we’re sure you want only the best for your fish. And as you’re well aware, the first step is feeding them right food! But what’s the difference between good fish food and fish food par excellence? Quality ingredients, perhaps? Or a well-balanced formula? Sustainably sourced ingredients? Actually, we believe it’s the entire package.

Welcome to ORGANIX, fish food that is close to nature and combines high-quality ingredients with sustainability to achieve a whole new level of overall quality! 

High-quality fish food meets certified sustainability


Die Sonne scheint durch ein dichtes Algengestrüpp und erhellt den Boden.

Our ORGANIX promise: natural basic ingredients
Select ingredients following the role model of nature

All fish are different. That’s why ORGANIX fish food not only caters to the individual dietary preferences of the fish in your aquarium but also to their different characteristics and levels of activity. From 100% veggie options to options packed with animal protein, from cichlids to shrimps and pellets to flakes – ORGANIX menus cater to every taste. We take select ingredients such as high-quality protein sources, hand-plucked country almond leaves and oils to create ideal blends for different species. Attractants and fillers? Not in our food! Four power algae – spirulina, kelp, chlorella algae and schizochytrium algae – serve as natural sources of prebiotics. Without exception, all animal components are of aquatic origin – just as they would be for fish in their natural habitats.

Ein idyllischer See, der von imposanten Bergen und üppiger Vegetation umgeben ist.

Our ORGANIX promise: sustainable
Sustainably sourced, MSC-certified fish food.

We all care about handling resources mindfully, protecting species and preserving natural habitats. Making informed choices about the products we buy is an effective way of making a difference – provided, of course, that sustainable options are available. ORGANIX is the alternative you’re looking for. All aquatic ingredients are sourced from sustainable, planet-friendly fisheries with the MSC seal of approval.

Our ORGANIX promise: a diverse range
More diversity, happier fish

The way to a fish’s heart is through its stomach... Which is why the high-quality, wholesome ORGANIX range includes nine tasty varieties and a wide range of options you can mix and match at will. ORGANIX fish food is tailored to the different preferences of different species – no matter what their eating habits, mouth types and preferred swimming zones. One special focus across the entire ORGANIX range is on pellets. These swell up in a very controlled manner, meaning important nutrients such as vitamins are better protected. To ensure big fish and small fish all get what they need, the pellets in every tin of ORGANIX fish food come in two sizes. 

Aquarium mit Fischen und Pflanzen auf blauem Hintergrund. Eine lebendige Unterwasserwelt.

Our wide ORGANIX range includes nine wholesome varieties

Meaning there’s something to please even the most discerning underwater gourmets!

‘Why did I switch to ORGANIX? Because it felt like the right move!’

Kirsten, 36 avid cichlid enthusiast

‘In my opinion, ORGANIX is the perfect fish food. Speaking as an experienced aquarium enthusiast, I love these special formulas that promote the well-being of my cichlids, bring out their vibrant colours and are even adapted to their different dietary preferences! Thanks to the wide range of menu options and underlying approach to sustainability, ORGANIX is perfect for me.’


The ORGANIX Guide to Fish Food Varieties

See here to find out more about the benefits of the different ORGANIX fish food varieties.

The ORGANIX Guide to Fish Food Varieties 

See here to find out more about the benefits of the different ORGANIX fish food varieties.