Introducing freedom -
featuring biOrb.

You're free to decide how your home office looks.​ 

Now you have a home office, all of the decisions you make about it aren't simply based on how well they will work. How good they look is equally important.

It's true, you can't beat working from home.

Swapped the wasted time, the frustration and annoyance of the commute for a few steps from the kitchen to your home office. You're not, of course, free from your work. That still needs to be done.

However, you're free to decide how your home office looks.​

Your days have taken on a new, altogether more satisfying rhythm. Sure, your desk and chair need to be comfortable to work from. But you're free to pick the ones which best match your room.

Introducing freedom

You can't deny this tank looks stunning.

And, as with the rest of the room, it has functional beauty. Here award winning, elegant, minimalist design is not enough. How it performs is equally important.

Spend only 15 minutes every month.

Simply plug it in and switch it on. Like magic, this aquarium replicates your fish’s natural environment. It’s easier for you to care for them too. Because nature does more of the work. ​

You create the world your fish live in too.

The fish you keep are only one part of your office's most special feature. Take your pick from 200+ features, ornaments and accessories. You can even fit a remote-controlled, 16-colour, mood lighting unit.

biOrb HALO

The stylish globe shaped biOrb HALO comes in either white or grey. And everything - apart from your fish and decor - is included.

biOrb LIFE

The seamless, stylish biOrb LIFE is framed in your choice of white, black or transparent. And looks like no other aquarium.

biOrb FLOW

With its three transparent sides, the biOrb FLOW is an attractive addition to your desk or any other small space.

You've never had all this functional beauty before.

If you're still setting up your home office, or want some ideas on how to make yours even better, take a look at this inspirational work space 

Aquarium fish are amongst nature's most and sumptuous spectacles. Watching them lets your mind go free, giving you a refreshing break from your day – however long you contemplate them for. Just how stunning are the fishes colours! You've never seen them so bright. 

Functional beauty again, this tank is made from acrylic not glass. Thick glass always has a green tint – acrylic doesn't. And acrylic allows 23% more light to pass through. This tank bursts with colour and life in a way you may never have seen before.

Take your work-life balance to the next level.

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