AquaMax Eco Twin

Powerful conveying capacity with flexible regulation. The AquaMax Eco Twin transports coarse dirt up to 11 mm in size from the pond water. The highlight is the two separate motors, which can be switched on/off or dimmed easily by remote control. In this way, additional filter accessories such as surface skimmers or satellite filters can be connected and controlled separately. An energy-efficient solution, because the power consumption is significantly reduced by the individual power adjustment. The smart frost protection guarantees no damage even at -20°C.


  • Controller with LED display

    The motors can be separately switched on or off, or can be adjusted together via wireless remote control. Digital display of the respective capacity level.

  • »Intelligent« flap

    The patented »intelligent« flap mechanism in the interior of the AquaMax Eco Twin guarantees optimal output even when only one pump is used.

  • Flexible regulation of the 2 motors

    The different water intake functions can be switched and regulated individually. The following combinations are possible: 1. Pond floor filtration and satellite filter 2. Pond floor filtration and skimmer 3. Pure pond floor filtration