LunAqua Power LED

A compact spotlight with sturdy underwater connection technology; it is not only one of the brightest LED spotlights in the OASE pond lighting range but also economical. Perfect illumination for any lighting situation when combined with the LunAqua Power LED XL spotlights.


  • IP68 connection technology

    Permanent safety, particularly for underwater use through IP 68 connection technology and 24 V DC low-voltage of the spotlights. Note: Standard regulations do not allow underwater use of the driver in swim ponds.

  • Energy efficiency class A++

    Extremely high energy efficiency. Strong 580 lumen luminous intensity at only 5.8 W power consumption.

  • InScenio FM-Master EGC Home/Cloud

    Thanks to innovative technology, it can be switched with smart phone or tablet via WiFi.

  • Flexible implementation possibilities

    Can be used as fountain illumination, ground installation through ground stake or wall installation.