Pond fleece

A pond protective membrane made of PES synthetic fibre reliably protects the pond liner against stones and root penetration (except bamboo). The membrane is cut to size and, when creating a lined pond, it should be laid out to complement the sand substructure under the pond liner. The membrane distributes load points over a larger area and thus protects the liner from damage.


  • Cut fleece to size

    The flexible material can be easily cut to size with an off-the-shelf pair of scissors.

  • Full coverage protection

    When laying out, ensure that you line the entire pond with fleece, even extending beyond the edge of the pond.

  • Lay out fleece

    Finally, lay out the contours of the pond and ensure that the fleece carefully fills-out all curvatures and corners. The solid basis of your pond is finished.

  • Determine the fleece requirement

    The size of the fleece is based on the depth and length of the pond.