PondoVac 5

With 8000 l suction capacity per hour, it is a dynamic aid for cleaning garden ponds, pools and swimming ponds and can also be used as a wet vacuum in the home. Thanks to the integrated drainage pump, it can be used flexibly and can pump out dirty water even at different heights. Larger particles such as stones or leaves are retained conveniently by pre-filter bags, which can be emptied with ease via a zip fastener. The suction capacity can be adjusted conveniently during work via a manual control unit.


  • Dirty water pump

    The container is emptied via an integrated silt pump. Thus the waste water can be flexibly diverted.

  • Pre-filter bags

    Larger particles such as pebbles or leaves are retained in the tank. Emptying occurs with convenience via zipper. For retention of smaller particles > 1 mm an additional fine filter sack is included for the outlet - not suitable for pond silt.

  • Hand regulator

    For adjusting the suction power, for example in shallow water. Likewise, it also enables intermittent back flushing of clogged nozzles.

  • Big Wheel chassis

    Special large wheels (155 mm) ensure suitability for rough terrain. The extremely quiet tyres are specially designed for low-noise whilst in operation

  • Drain with C-connection

    On the pressure side, the PondoVac 5 has plastic C-connection for the discharge hose - reliable and sealed.