PondoVac Premium

The high-performance vacuum cleaner is a professional vacuum par excellence with up to 20,000 l suction capacity per hour and integrated high-performance pump for daily use and can be used commercially. It is an innovative and reliable "Made in Germany" product and is extremely quiet and fully flexible, thanks to its robust chassis. The well-organised control panel is extremely easy to use. The ease of use is also evident in all aspects, such as cleaning the 95 l tank, thanks to flexible cable connections.


  • Strong feed pump

    The integrated feed pump with a capacity of 27000 l/h is a real powerhouse and pumps particles up to 50 mm in size.

  • Convenient chassis

    Extremely robust, the four-wheel chassis with solid rubber wheels handles any unevenness and can also be firmly fixed in place thanks to the parking brake.

  • Drain with C-connection

    On the pressure side, the PondoVac Premium has an aluminium C-connection for the drain hose - reliable and sealed.

  • Easy cleaning

    The flexible connections enable access to the tank without bothersome disconnection of the connecting lines.