ProfiClear Classic

THE OASE filter foam module is part of the OASE ProfiClear module filter system. The module has a DN 100 input and output. Rough and fine sponges ensure optimal, fine cleaning of the pond water. A specific microflora develops in the filter sponges which removes toxic pollutants from the pond water (ammonium/ammonia, nitrite). Connections on the housing ensure that oxygen can get in, which is essential for nitrifying processes. To clean the sponges, simply use the cleaning lever to press them against the shelf. A flushing nozzle is used to remove dirt from the filter system via a shut-off valve with DN 50 outlet. The 80 x 60 x 80 cm housing is made from high-quality Duroplast, with a filter foam volume of 60 l for a maximum flow rate of 12,500 l/h. Multiple modules can be combined.