StreamMax Premium

The low-power flow pump with its especially high performance is suitable for freshwater or saltwater aquariums. It generates natural water movements with adjustable flow rate, depending on the needs of the animals and plants. Up to two of these pumps can be controlled via the pump controller and adapted to the individual needs of the aquarium's inhabitants. The pumps are equipped with a strong magnetic bracket, which keeps the StreamMax Premium reliably in place. They are low maintenance, highly energy efficient and run quietly. The StreamMax pump saves space with its compact design. The optional Easy Aquarium Controller even allows the pumps to be controlled via app.


  • OC Aquarium Controller:

    The controller makes it easy to select pre-programmed flow profiles or to adjust them as desired.

  • Pump controller:

    Everything under control: You can select pre-programmed flow profiles on the controller itself.

  • Perfectly natural:

    The flow adapter creates wide and narrow flow patterns so that different water movements can be generated for freshwater and saltwater.

  • Species protection:

    The suction protection prevents the aquarium's inhabitants from entering the pump (optional accessory).