biOrb Fan coral ornament M white

  • Key Features

    • Exclusive design of the renowned Samuel Baker
    • Detailed and high-quality workmanship
    • Easy to clean and quickly swapped out
  • Characteristic

    • As different as in the sea: from small to large and from discrete to a dazzling explosion of colour
    • Easy to clean and quickly removed, a new ambience consistently occurs
    • Through individual design in terms of variety, form and colour the creation of a very personal, unique biOrb is possible.
    • True-to-life, high-quality workmanship and firm stance
    • Exclusive design of the renowned Samuel Baker
    • Stylish and robust, white eye-catcher of almost provocative beauty
    • Combined with white and black horn coral and pebbles a modern underwater world comes into life
    • Perfect for the decorative sheathing of the air tube, thanks to the opening on the bottom of the sculpture intended for this purpose
    • 360 degree model: nice to look at from all sides
    • Fantastic sculpture for staging your household underwater theatre

Technical Data

Dimensions (L x W x H)cm9.199999999999999 x 11 x 27
Net weightkg0.44
CUBEonly 60
TUBEonly 30
LIFEbelow 30
CLASSIConly 30 & 60
HALOfrom 30