AquaMax Eco Titanium 31000 [INT]


  • Characteristic

    • Innovative, energy-efficient gravity filter pump for large bodies of water, even with koi stock
    • Flow-optimised hydraulics help to achieve an outstanding level of efficiency
    • Robust pump housing made of cast stainless steel with large base for safe placement
    • Rotor shaft and bearings made from high-quality SIC ceramics for optimal reliability and longevity
    • Ideal for installation in a pump chamber
    • Can be set up underwater & dry installed
    • Protection against running dry and blocking through Environmental Function Control (EFC by OASE)
    • Patented Seasonal Flow Control (SFC) for intelligent and environmentally conscious regulation of flow rate and pump head height
    • Using optional accessories, when the SFC function is enabled, an extra 30% can be saved in energy
    • MADE IN GERMANY: precise and reliable German engineering skills at a particularly high quality level
    • System requirements: To use the EGC functions, an InScenio EGC Controller Home/Cloud, InScenio FM-Master EGC Home/Cloud, InScenio FM-Master WiFi EGC or InScenio FM-Master WiFi Version 2.0 or later is required
    • Handles coarse debris particles up to 6 mm in size

Technical Data

Dimensions (L x W x H)mm275 x 175 x 200
Rated voltage220 - 240 V / 50/60 Hz
Power consumptionW35 - 170
Power cable lengthm10.00
Net weightkg9.20
Guarantee (+ request guarantee) *Years3 + 2
Max. flow ratel/min525
Max. flow ratel/h31500
Max. head height, metresm3.30
Pressure-side connectionmm75
Pressure-side connectionG 2 ½"
Suction-side connectionmm75
Suction-side connectionG 2 ½"
Max. coarse debris displacementmm6
Connection EGCYes
Electronic adjustmentYes
Setup typeCan be set up underwater & dry installed


Spare Parts

1ASM gland seal with gasket set405091
2Screw V4A DIN 912 M5 x 16155911
3Base AquaMax Titanium 30000469621
4Safety grid AquaMax Eco 2 1/2"485971
5Pump housing Titanium 30000 machined469521
6Spare rotor AquaMax Eco Titanium 30000486731
7Flat gasket 107 x 78 x 2.5 USP 16 light175131
8Rubber part AquaMax Pro172321
9Holder Eco Control Titanium 30000469501


Characteristic line product
Characteristic line product
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