Filtral UVC 6000 [CN]

  • Key Features

    • Multifunctional compact solution for pre-fabricated pools and smaller ponds
    • Clear water, guaranteed, and beautiful fountains
    • The technology is virtually invisible because it is set up underwater
  • Characteristic

    • An all-rounder with filter function, fountain, and aeration nozzle (aeration nozzle included in the scope of delivery starting with Filtral UVC 3000)
    • Including OASE Clear Water Guarantee
    • Compact filter unit with UVC technology and 4 different filter materials
    • The pump for attractive fountains is already integrated
    • Height-adjustable fountain attachment for adapting to individual water depths
    • Adjustable T-piece for operating spouts and small watercourses
    • Individual adjustment of flow rate and fountain height
    • Set up completely under water – the appearance of the pond remains undisturbed
    • Visual function check of the UVC clarifier
    • Included in the scope of delivery: 3 fountain attachments for different water patterns
    • Suitable for ponds up to 6.0 m³

Technical Data

Dimensions (L x W x H)mm347 x 276 x 157
Power consumptionW52
Power cable lengthm10.00
Net weightkg5.20
Guarantee Years2
UVC powerW11
Pump capacity, max.l/h2500
Max. flow ratel/h1700
Max. head height, metresm2.10
Filter intake surfacecm²697
Number of blue filter foamsUnits1
Number of red filter foamsUnits1
Number of bio-surface elementsUnits4
Special filter granulatekg0.80
Pressure-side connectionmm13 / 19 / 25
Pressure-side connection½", ¾", 1"
Suitable for ponds up to max.6.0
Suitable for ponds with fish stock3.0
Aeration set included in the scope of deliveryYes


Spare Parts

1Replacement outer housing Filtral large727831
2ASM UVC / pump Filtral 6000 CN763921
3Replacement bulb UVC 11 W561121
3Spare T-controller Aquarius Fountain Set432901
4ASM repl. quartz glass Filtral large727941
5ASM repl. water housing Filtral large727901
6Spare rotor cpl. ASE 2500 magnetized180131
7ASM pump housing ASE 2500357701
8Repl. foam set Filtral UVC 6000/9000702421
9Bio surface element195031
10Replacement ceramic bag Filtral large727971
11O-Ring NBR 75 x 2.5 SH70199451
12Replacement set clips Filtral727981
14Additional pack Filtral medium/large708314
15Filtral Aeration Set703641


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