ProfiClear Guard [CH]

  • Key Features

    • Ensures a constant water level
    • Simple and effective
    • Easy to install
  • Characteristic

    • ADJUSTABLE: The sensor sensitivity is adjustable
    • ADJUSTABLE: You can shorten the sensor down to a switching differential of 10 mm
    • ALL INCLUSIVE: The complete set contains a controller, G ½ solenoid valve and conductive level detection
    • INCLUDED: The sensor mounting for overhanging borders is included
    • EVERYTHING IN VIEW: LED status display for the solenoid valve
    • INTEGRATED: The switching hysteresis to prevent unwanted refills through waves is included
    • CONVENIENT: Simply mount the controller on the wall
    • PLEASE NOTE: The servo-controlled 230 V brass solenoid valve must be installed in a splash-protected location

Technical Data

Net weightkg2.80

Spare Parts

1Solenoid valve 1/2" ProfiClear Guard183701
2Spare part solenoid ProfiClear Guard403171
3Gasket ProfiClear Guard404981
4Cover solenoid valve ProfiClear Guard710291