The particularly quiet running pond aerator supplies the pond water with vital oxygen. The air hose with its air stone has an optimal length to allow a flexible installation even outdoors. Suitable for ponds up to 50 m³ or with high fish population.
Did you know that oxygen is not only essential in the air, but also in the water? This oxygen is needed not only by fish and other animals, but also by the microorganisms living in the water. Their task is to keep the water, for instance in a garden pond or a swimming pond, beautifully clean. Even the tens of millions of bacteria hiding in the filter depend on oxygen. Without oxygen, garden ponds would be dirty and have no fish at all. This is where AquaOxy air pumps come into play: They ensure a strong flow of air into the pond water. A vent turns them into fine bubbles which enrich the water with oxygen. A device like this is no mere luxury either. The warmer the water gets in summer, the less oxygen it binds. When this happens, it is high time for an AquaOxy.