Powerful suction of up to 50 m² pond surface; significantly better water quality and visibility depth due to direct dirt removal on the surface. These models do not require a separate pump and are therefore ideal for retrofitting. They enrich the pond water with additional oxygen and are easy to handle. They prove to be especially flexible when water level fluctuations occur.


  • Patented hinge technology

    The unique, inwards-facing skimmer hinge generates powerful suction and sucks up leaves and other surface debris with no trouble.

  • Easy cleaning

    The collected dirt can be easily removed by taking out the basket

  • Whirlpool and aerator function

    With the SwimSkim 50 the integrated whirlpool function, if desired, whirls up deposits on the floor of the pond and feeds them to the pump. Both models additionally enrich the water with vital oxygen and thus improve the water quality.