OASE Annual Review 2022

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,  

We look back on the year 2022 with mixed feelings. It has brought further enormous social and professional challenges after the past years marked by Covid: from the surprising Russian war of aggression on Ukraine in February, to the resulting energy crisis, to a hacker attack on OASE that hit us at the end of the year. All of this has challenged us and made us stronger at the same time - from our cohesion as a team to the relationships with our customers and suppliers that have existed for many years and even decades. In addition, it also makes us humble, however, as in times like these it becomes clear that OASE has not existed as a matter of course since 1949 and still carries the fascination of creating living space with water into the world. It is an ongoing interplay, put to the test every day, and a joint effort for which I would like to thank our staff just as much as you, who have remained loyal to us through thick and thin. At the same time, we find it more than justified to be particularly pleased about successes and milestones from this challenging year. Accordingly, we have compiled an overview of our highlights from this year. We hope you enjoy reading it! 

On a personal note, I wish you and your loved ones a wonderful Christmas season and a healthy start to a happy New Year 2023. 



Thorsten Muck  

Our milestones 2022

Interzoo 2022

The Interzoo trade fair in Nuremberg was a great experience and a complete success for our team at the fair.


German Brand Award

We won the German Brand Award in Gold for the Brand Relaunch 2021.

iF Design Award

Our biOrb EARTH has won the "iF Design Award 2022".


Product innovations 2022

OASE Control

Our smart app controls our inside and outside products, simply, safely and energy-efficiently.



The proven pressure filter enters the next, even better generation.



The new design cube extends the design scope in the area of overflow bowls.



The new pond fish feed segment completes our 360-degree portfolio for the pond.



Modern design with practical handling: The surface skimmer ensures a crystal clear water surface and active gas exchange in the aquarium.


News from the Professional area

Water Technology - CyanoClear 

Effective control of blue-green algae and their cyanotoxins

Successful treatment of the camping lake in Jabbeke with CyanoClear. Remove cyanobacteria quickly and effectively also from your water body.  


Fountain Technology – Reference project Dilmunia Fountain

Pure entertainment: Fascinating salt water fountains in Dilmunia Canal 

A variety of breathtaking shows delight residents and tourists of the Dilmunia Canal. Discover the musical saltwater fountain on Dilmunia Island. 


Fountain Technology Showcontroller WECS III

WECS III - the show controller for small fountains to large multimedia installations

With the new generation of show controllers, fountain systems of any size and requirement can be controlled. Program your individual show with music and choreography with the appropriate software.