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Product NameTopic
Accessories Formal SpillwayFormal Spillway
Accessories Formal SpillwayFormal Spillway
Accessories Pond vacuums & Pool vacuumsPond vacuums and Pool vacuums
Accessories: Pond cover nets, grabbers and dipping netsPond cover nets, grabbers and dipping nets
AlfaFol PVC pond linersFleece and liner
AlGo DirectC: Controlling algae
AlGo FountainD: Cleaning and maintenance
AlGo GreenawayC: Controlling algae
AlGo Greenaway plusC: Controlling algae
AlGo UniversalC: Controlling algae
AntiArgulusFish medicine
AntiBacteriaFish medicine
AntiFungusFish medicine
AntiParasiteFish medicine
AquaElements vitamins and trace elementsSupplement vitamins and trace elements
AquaHuminB: Binding nutrients
AquaMax DryFilter pumps and Watercourse pumps
AquaMax EcoFilter pumps and Watercourse pumps
AquaMax Eco ClassicFilter pumps and Watercourse pumps
AquaMax Eco Classic CFilter pumps and Watercourse pumps
AquaMax Eco ExpertFilter pumps and Watercourse pumps
AquaMax Eco GravityGravity filter pumps
AquaMax Eco PremiumFilter pumps and Watercourse pumps
AquaMax Eco TitaniumGravity filter pumps
AquaMax Eco TwinFilter pumps and Watercourse pumps
AquaNet pond netsPond cover nets, grabbers and dipping nets
Aquarium Controller
Aquarium Controller accessories
Aquarius Eco Expertstatuary feature pumps
Aquarius Fountain Set Classic EFountain Pumps
Aquarius Fountain Set EcoFountain Pumps
Aquarius Solar SetFountain Pumps
Aquarius Universalstatuary feature pumps
Aquarius Universal Classicstatuary feature pumps
Aquarius Universal Premiumstatuary feature pumps
AquaSkimSurface skimmer
AquaStable Water OptimizerImproving water quality
ArchitecturalPreformed ponds
Assembled pond linersFleece and liner


Product NameTopic
Baby Food Fish food
BioCompactFilters, UVC clarifiers and dechlorination
BioCompact Filter media
BioKickStarter cultures
BioKick CareA: Improving water quality
BioKick freshStarter cultures
BioKick PremiumStarter cultures
BioMasterFilter media
BioMasterFilters, UVC clarifiers and dechlorination
BioPlusFilters, UVC clarifiers and dechlorination
BioPlusFilter media
BioPressPressure filters
BioPress SetPressure filters
biOrb CLASSICbiOrb Aquariums
biOrb CUBE biOrb Aquariums
biOrb FLOWbiOrb Aquariums
biOrb HALObiOrb Aquariums
biOrb LIFEbiOrb Aquariums
biOrb LOOPbiOrb Aquariums
biOrb TUBE biOrb Aquariums
biOrb vivariumbiOrb vivarium
BioSmartFlow-through filters
BioSmart SetFlow-through filters
BioStyleFilters, UVC clarifiers and dechlorination
BioStyleFilter media
BioSys SkimmerSurface skimmer
BioTecFlow-through filters
BioTec PremiumFlow-through filters
BioTec ScreenMatic²Flow-through filters
BioTec ScreenMatic² SetFlow-through filters
Bitron CUVC-clarifiers
Bitron EcoUVC-clarifiers
Bitron PremiumUVC-clarifiers
BoostMix Clearwater bacteriaAdd bacteria
Bottom Food Fish food
Brass fittingsIrrigation accessories
Brass fittingsDrainage accessories


Product NameTopic
C-couplingsDrainage accessories
CartridgesB: Binding nutrients
Cichlid Food Fish food
Clarifying dropsSupplement vitamins and trace elements
CleanerbiOrb cleaning and care
ClearTronicUVC clarifier accessories
ClearTronicFilters, UVC clarifiers and dechlorination
Click-couplings Irrigation accessories
Colour FoodFish food
Connection set Irrigation accessories
Connection technology HighLine Premium LEDIllumination
CoralsbiOrb Decoration
CrystalSkimSurface skimmer
CubeCopper bowl water features
CubeFormal Spillway
Custom SwimPondSwim pond


Product NameTopic
Daily FoodFish food
Dechlorinator A: Improving water quality
Decoration setsbiOrb Decoration
Decorative rock coversRock covers
Detritus treatmentImproving water quality
Digital thermometerCleaning
Dipping netsPond cover nets, grabbers and dipping nets
Double tap with quick couplingHoses & connectors
DuoBoostA: Improving water quality
Dynamix FlakesFood for young fish
Dynamix Koi Pellets largeKoi food
Dynamix Koi Pellets smallKoi food
Dynamix Sticks ColourDaily food
Dynamix Sticks MixMixed fish stock
Dynamix Sticks Mix + SnackMixed fish stock
Dynamix Sticks VitalDaily food
Dynamix Super MixMixed fish stock


Product NameTopic
EasyFol EPDMFleece and liner
Electronic pump controlDomestic waterworks
Embankment matsPlanting
Energy Food Fish food
EPDM liner adhesive and accessoriesAssembly material
EuroFol EPDMFleece and liner
Expanding foamAssembly material
ExtensionsFountain attachments and extensions


Product NameTopic
FilterAction nitrate removerBind nutrients
FiltoClearPressure filters
FiltoClear SetPressure filters
FiltoMatic CWSFlow-through filters
FiltoMatic CWS SetFlow-through filters
FiltoSmartFilters, UVC clarifiers and dechlorination
FiltoSmartFilter media
Filtral UVCUnderwater filters
Filtral UVCUnderwater filters
FiltrationbiOrb Accessories
Fish netsCleaning
FishGuardAutomatic feeder
Fixing accessoriesDecoration
Flex backgroundDecoration
Flow-through filter spongesFilter foams
Flowers and plantsbiOrb Decoration
Fountain attachments MIDI II/MAXI IIFountain attachments and extensions
Fountain Bowls Copper bowl water features


Product NameTopic
Garden ControllerGarden control systems
Glass cleanerCleaning
Green FoodFish food


Product NameTopic
Heating and temperaturebiOrb Accessories
HeatUp BasisHeating
HighLine 125HighLine aquariums
HighLine 175HighLine aquariums
HighLine 200HighLine aquariums
HighLine 300HighLine aquariums
HighLine 400HighLine aquariums
HighLine 600HighLine aquariums
HighLine Classic LEDIllumination
HighLine drawerHighLine accessories
HighLine Premium LEDIllumination
HighLine room dividerHighLine aquariums
HighLine shelvesHighLine accessories
HoseIrrigation accessories
HoseDrainage accessories
Hose clampsHoses and connectors
Hose connectorsHoses and connectors
Hose tails Drainage accessories
Hose tails Irrigation accessories


Product NameTopic
IceFree 4 SeasonsIce preventer
IceFree ThermoIce preventer
Individual water reservoir systemWater reservoir
Individual watercourse elementsWatercourse elements
InScenioGarden control systems
InScenio FM-Master Home / CloudGarden control systems
Installation accessories HighLine Premium LEDIllumination
IR Control SetIllumination


Product NameTopic
JumpingJet Rainbow StarFountains


Product NameTopic
LED lighting accessoriesLED spotlights
LightingbiOrb Accessories
Lighting kit HighLine Classic LEDIllumination
LunaLedLED spotlights
LunAqua 3 LEDLED spotlights
LunAqua Classic LEDLED spotlights
LunAqua Maxi LEDLED spotlights
LunAqua Micro SetHalogen spotlights
LunAqua Mini LEDLED spotlights
LunAqua Power LEDLED spotlights
LunAqua Power LED XLLED spotlights
LunAqua Terra LEDLED spotlights


Product NameTopic
Marginal plant holdersPlanting
MIDI & MAXIFloating fountains
Modular flow-through filter accessoriesFlow-through filters
Modular watercourse elementsWatercourse elements
Module filter spongesFilter foams
Multi-jet nozzlesFountain attachments and extensions


Product NameTopic
Nozzles & sprinklerIrrigation accessories


Product NameTopic
OASE Control accessoriesGarden control systems
OaseFol EPDMFleece and liner
One-piece water reservoir, wall-mountedWater reservoir
One-piece water reservoirsWater reservoir
OptiMaxAquarium pumps and aerators
OptiPondA: Improving water quality
OrganicPreformed ponds
OxyMaxAquarium pumps and aerators
OxyPlusA: Improving water quality
OxyPoolD: Cleaning and maintenance


Product NameTopic
PhosLess B: Binding nutrients
PhosLess DirectB: Binding nutrients
Pipes and connectorsHoses and connectors
Plant baskets plasticPlanting
Plant tweezers and plant scissorsCleaning
PlantGrow daily fertiliserPlant fertiliser
PlantGrow weekly fertiliserPlant fertiliser
Plant baskets textilePlanting
Pond aerator accessoriesAerators
Pond edgeAssembly material
Pond figuresWater spouts and pond figures
Pond fleeceFleece and liner
Pond fleeceFleece and liner
Pond pumpFilter pumps and Watercourse pumps
Pond tongs and pond shearsPond cover nets, grabbers and dipping nets
PondClearC: Controlling algae
PondJet EcoFloating fountains
PondLithB: Binding nutrients
PondoVac 3Pond vacuums and Pool vacuums
PondoVac 4Pond vacuums and Pool vacuums
PondoVac 5Pond vacuums and Pool vacuums
PondoVac ClassicPond vacuums and Pool vacuums
PondoVac PremiumPond vacuums and Pool vacuums
Pressure filter spongesFilter foams
Pressure Switch Irrigation accessories
ProfiClear PremiumFlow-through filters
ProfiClear Premium CompactFlow-through filters
ProfiClear Premium XLFlow-through filters
ProfiLux Garden LED RGBLED spotlights
ProfiMaxFilter pumps and Watercourse pumps
ProfiSkimSurface skimmer
ProfiSkim WallSurface skimmer
ProMax ClearDrain Submersible clean water pumps
ProMax floating withdrawalIrrigation accessories
ProMax GardenGarden pumps
ProMax Garden AutomaticGarden pumps
ProMax Garden ClassicGarden pumps
ProMax MudDrain Submersible dirty water pumps
ProMax Pressure AutomaticRain barrel pumps and Cistern pumps
ProMax Pressure CisternRain barrel pumps and Cistern pumps
ProMax Pressure WellRain barrel pumps and Cistern pumps
ProMax Pressure Well AutomaticRain barrel pumps and Cistern pumps
ProMax RainRain barrel pumps and Cistern pumps
Pump accessoriesAccessories
Pump controlAccessories
Pump ControllerAquarium pumps and aerators
PumpCleanD: Cleaning and maintenance
PVC liner adhesive and accessoriesAssembly material


Product NameTopic
Quick couplings Drainage accessories
Quick couplings Irrigation accessories
QuickfilterAction phosphate removerBind nutrients
QuickSticksWater analysis


Product NameTopic
Reinforced hoseDomestic waterworks
Ring LightsLED spotlights
Roots, wood, stonesbiOrb Decoration


Product NameTopic
Safe&CareFish medicine
Safe&CareA: Improving water quality
ScaperLine 100 SetScaperLine aquariums
ScaperLine 60 SetScaperLine aquariums
ScaperLine 90 SetScaperLine aquariums
ScaperLine accessoriesScaperLine aquariums
ScaperLine AccessoriesScaperLine accessories
ScaperLine aquariumsScaperLine aquariums
ScaperLine cabinetsScaperLine aquariums
ScaperLine daily fertiliserScaperLine plant fertiliser
ScaperLine Ironmix fertiliserScaperLine plant fertiliser
ScaperLine Mineralmix fertiliserScaperLine plant fertiliser
ScaperLine Plant Boost tabletsScaperLine plant fertiliser
ScaperLine substratesDecoration
Schaumsprudler fountain nozzleFountain attachments and extensions
Sealing materials and hose clampsDrainage accessories
Sealing materials and hose clampsIrrigation accessories
SediFreeA: Improving water quality
Skimmer 250Surface skimmer
Slow-release fertiliserPlant fertiliser
Snack Food Fish food
Spiral brushCleaning
Spiral hosesHoses and connectors
Spout LightsLED spotlights
StandsbiOrb Accessories
Stone and woodDecoration
Stone linersFleece and liner
StonecorPreformed ponds
StreamMax ClassicAquarium pumps and aerators
StreamMax PremiumAquarium pumps and aerators
StyleLine 125 SetStyleLine aquarium sets
StyleLine 125 – AquariumStyleLine aquariums
StyleLine 125 – Base cabinetStyleLine cabinets
StyleLine 175 SetStyleLine aquarium sets
StyleLine 175 – AquariumStyleLine aquariums
StyleLine 175 – Base cabinetStyleLine cabinets
StyleLine 85 SetStyleLine aquarium sets
StyleLine 85 – AquariumStyleLine aquariums
StyleLine 85 – Base cabinetStyleLine cabinets
Swim pond linersFleece and liner
SwimSkimSurface skimmer


Product NameTopic
Underwater creaturesbiOrb Decoration
Underwater filter spongeFilter foams
Underwater worldbiOrb Decoration
UniversalFish medicine
Universal adapterIllumination
Universal adhesiveAssembly material
UVC replacement bulbsUVC-clarifiers


Product NameTopic
ValvesIrrigation accessories


Product NameTopic
Wall and liner ductsHoses and connectors
Wall Spouts Formal Spillway
Water Analysis Pro SetWater analysis
Water carebiOrb cleaning and care
Water changing systemCleaning
Water distributorsHoses and connectors
Water Jet LightningFountains
Water QuintetFountains
Water Quintet CreativeFountains
Water replenishment systemHoses and connectors
Water reservoir accessoriesWater reservoir
Water reservoirsWater reservoir
Water spoutsWater spouts and pond figures
Water StarletFountains
Water tank hose kit with pressure switchIrrigation accessories
Water TrioFountains
WaterBalance Boost bacteriaAdd bacteria
Watercourse SetsWatercourse elements
Waterfall accessoriesWaterfalls
Waterfall IlluminationLED spotlights
Waterfall pumpFilter pumps and Watercourse pumps
Waterfall SetsWaterfalls
Waterfilter & accessories Domestic waterworks
Waterfilter & accessories Irrigation accessories
WaterTankDomestic waterworks