AquaMax Eco Titanium

Great performance for large bodies of water: The robust power pack with pump housing made of cast stainless steel as well as rotor shaft and bearings made of high-quality SIC ceramics is suitable for large gravity filter systems with or without koi stock. Coarse dirt is conveyed up to 6 mm grain size. This energy miracle can easily be controlled by app from the local network using optional accessories. The pumps switch off automatically in the event of dry running or blockage, preventing damage to the unit.


  • Robust pump housing

    Cast stainless steel enables the achievement of durable, above-average precision and energy-efficiency. The entire pump housing can be adjusted upwards by 90°.

  • Special channel-type impeller

    The impeller impresses through its extremely long service life. Even under continuous load, signs of wear cannot be detected.

  • Connection for EGC control devices

    The pump can be conveniently operated via innovative control devices such as the Eco Control.