Three aquascapers. One goal.

In our show THE SCAPERS, three aquascapers take on the challenge of creating a completed underwater landscape – from purchasing all of the materials through to live aquascaping. Learn all about this type of aquarium design and discover an unprecedented YouTube series about underwater landscapes that will capture your imagination.

The participants

For the first season of THE SCAPERS, we were delighted to welcome three well-known aquascapers to take part in this exciting show.

Jurijs Jutjajevs 

Jurijs has been designing aquariums since 2008 and has travelled the world to improve his aquascaping skills. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge on social media and in numerous workshops. In addition, he has written articles for journals and aquarium specialist magazines and has presented various podcasts.


Adrie Baumann

Adrie has been a passionate aquarist for over 35 years and owned his first aquarium when he was just 5 years old. He turned his passion into a profession and is now an independent aquarium designer. His talent was also affirmed when he became a two-time world champion in live aquascaping.


Tobias Gawrisch

In addition to his cats, Tobias loves aquariums. Using his successful YouTube channel, he shares all of his knowledge on topics about the underwater world. His online shop for aquarium products has allowed him to set up his own business and pursue his passion every day. He wants to show a fresh and modern side to aquarium design – far from the dusty image it once had.


Stay tuned – we are looking forward to introducing you to the world of aquascaping and offering you an entertaining and inspiring programme!


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Season 1, episodes 1–10

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