Let the spring move in


Signs of spring are finally starting to emerge. For many people, getting in the mood starts with a thorough spring clean; sweeping the winter out of the corners. Our tip: let real spring fever set in - with a cheerful colour treatment. If the spring sun is still waiting, let's bring it, and its invigorating effect, indoors.

The "Honey" shade from "SCHÖNER WOHNEN" paint is the ideal harbinger of spring. It makes it easy to whet your appetite for the coming warmer days, blossoming flowers and buzzing bees.

A connection that warms and invigorates

Against the background of a honey-yellow wall, an aquarium creates a completely new effect. The warmth of the wall colour meets the freshness of the underwater world. What sounds like two opposites combine harmoniously and unfold a positive and invigorating atmosphere. In our example, the underwater landscape has been skilfully coordinated with the surroundings. The aquarium inhabitants make the harmony perfect. Fittingly, honey gouramis (Trichogaster chuna) and yellow mollies (Poecilia sphenops) populate the underwater world here.

OASE HighLine 125 - made just for you

For the spring-like combination of SCHÖNER WOHNEN colour and an OASE aquarium, we chose the HighLine 125 model. It captivates with its elegant, flush design, characterised by a brushed aluminium finish and a high-quality base unit with push-to-open doors. Nothing distracts from the imaginatively designed underwater world here - the technology is hidden in the dry shaft. A practical feed flap is integrated into the cover. The adjustable aluminium feet ensure a firm stand. A premium aquarium with a noble design in a compact form.


In each version, the base cabinet contains a pull-out filter drawer. Ideally designed to use in combination with the BioMaster external filter as the EasyClean pre-filter module can be easily reached for cleaning.


If you wish, you can further customise the base cabinet, for example with a drawer. It offers space for the aquarium accessories, which can then be removed even more conveniently.


An additional shelf can also be integrated as desired. This way, everything finds its place in the base cabinet and aquarium maintenance becomes even easier.

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HighLine 125 anthracite