AquaMax Eco Premium –
the new pump generation with CORE 6 Technology


1.  Dry installation

The AquaMax Eco Premium is also designed for dry installation (e.g. in a pump chamber).

Control Anschluss am Motorgehäuse

2.  OASE Control connection to the motor housing

Integrated interface for connecting with the OASE Control System (Garden Controller Cloud/InScenio FM-Master Cloud) or for direct control with the OASE Eco Control.

Oase ControlVoice Control

3. SFC switch

On the AquaMax Eco Premium 5000 – 21000 When the SFC function is switched on, the pump automatically optimises the water flow and delivery head and reduces this by up to 50%.

Schematische Darstellung von Filter- und Bachlaufpumpe, Durchlauffilter und Skimmer

4. Schematic diagram

AquaMax Eco Premium filter and watercourse pump in combination with an OASE flow-through filter and skimmer.

Energy saving

during operation*

Energieeffizienz 20%

AquaMax Eco Premium 5000

  compared to
AquaMax Eco Premium

Energieeffizienz 15%

AquaMax Eco Premium 7000

 compared to
AquaMax Eco Premium

Energieeffizienz 16%

AquaMax Eco Premium 9000

 compared to
AquaMax Eco Premium

Energieeffizienz 14%

AquaMax Eco Premium 13000

  compared to
AquaMax Eco Premium

Energieeffizienz 24%

AquaMax Eco Premium 17000

 compared to
AquaMax Eco Premium

Energieeffizienz 21%

AquaMax Eco Premium 21000

compared to
AquaMax Eco Premium

*The basis for the comparison is the determination of the pump characteristics. The pumps are connected to our pump measuring section and supplied with the required voltage. After a short run-in period, a series of operating points are automatically approached, whereby pressure, flow rate, power consumption and other electrical values are recorded. This is then used to determine the efficiency, for example. These points are then used to create the pump characteristic curve, as well as the characteristic curve for performance and efficiency. The energy consumption of the different pumps for a standardized water volume X at the 1 m operating point is compared here.