Give your aquarium the right surroundings

An individually designed aquarium from OASE is a work of art in itself - and an object that gives a special magic to any living space. If you want to stage your underwater world even more expressively, you can coordinate the living environment with your aquarium. It's easy - with the right wall colour and a little attention to detail. Want proof? OASE and the German colour experts from SCHÖNER WOHNEN have designed a living landscape. It shows how effectively wall colour and the aquarium complement each other perfectly.

An inspiring example for your interior design

The basis for the room design is the colour shade "Infinite Deep Sea Blue" from the collection "Design Colours" by SCHÖNER WOHNEN paint. It was used to paint the walls of the living room. An aquarium from the OASE ScaperLine series stands out in front of it as a magically luminous object. The underwater world picks up the wall colour scheme in details - for example in the colour of the aquarium inhabitants; midnight blue guppies (Poecilia reticulata) and blue tiger shrimps (Caridina cf. cantonensis). This world of colour can be rounded off with carefully selected accessories.

A small coat of paint with a big effect

The colour of the room and the underwater world combine to form a harmonious unit that exudes a calming influence. Relaxing and recharging your batteries are not difficult in this environment. The flow of the aquarium creates an almost meditative mood. The blue of the walls acts as an extension of this relaxing flow into the room.

Let yourself be inspired by this interplay of underwater world and colour. With OASE you have all the possibilities to realise your aquarium dream. And by matching paint the magic can unfold even more effortlessly. Why not try it out for yourself!

ScaperLine 60 white set