Smart up your home and garden

OASE Easy Control is the smart way to digitally control and operate the water worlds in your home and garden. With just one app, you can operate your compatible garden (Easy Garden Control) and aquarium (Easy Aquarium Control) devices using your smartphone or tablet.

Easy Garden Control

On holiday or on the road, on the sofa or on a sun lounger: Control and monitor your garden technology and entire pond system, from filters to lighting, conveniently from your smartphone with the smart Easy Garden Control (EGC) system. Get push notifications about the status of your devices any time, anywhere, so you can respond when you need to. Experience a whole new dimension of convenience and relaxation.


Everything at a glance

From pump delivery, filter flushing or fountain height – all the functionalities of EGC-compatible pond devices can be easily controlled from your smartphone. You can also use the cloud version of the system as needed to check important parameters, such as the water temperature, and view interesting analyses of filter functions.

Security wherever you are

Stay in control throughout the year and from any location: The cloud version of the EGC system will send you status updates about unforeseen events and you can even set up automatic email notifications for your holiday cover. This means your fish will always be looked after, even if you have just gone away.

Dynamic lighting

If you want to set the perfect evening mood in your garden, you need tasteful outdoor lighting. The app gives you an overview of all your lights so you can switch them on to suit the occasion. Especially eye-catching: The ProfiLux Garden LED RGB lighting. All colours and lighting scenarios can be individually adjusted. How about the fire scenario for a barbecue with friends?

Simple setup for any garden type

The heart of the smart pond system is the control centre. It forms the interface between up to ten integrated devices and your home network. You can choose between the InScenio FM-Master EGC smart garden socket, with four sockets for powering your devices, and the InScenio EGC Controller. The two devices are available in both Home and Cloud versions.

EGC Home: From the garden itself or the comfort of your sofa

Control via the app:

  • Direct control is possible
  • Clear display of status and error messages
EGC Cloud: For when you're on holiday or on the move

Control via the app plus additional functionalities available via the browser:

  • Email notifications in the event of errors
  • Display and analysis of product functionalities (water temperature, filter functionalities and more)

Product recommendations

Variable power supply

InScenio FM-Master EGC

Easy networking

InScenio EGC Controller

Safe filters

ProfiClear Premium

Strong pumps

AquaMax Eco Titanium

Smart lighting

ProfiLux Garden LED RGB

Atmospheric water features

AquariusEco Expert 

Easy Aquarium Control

The Easy Aquarium Control system developed by OASE opens up a broad range of options within your home network for staging your underwater world as if it were actually in nature. Adjust your aquarium's lighting effect from the comfort of your sofa or use your browser to check that everything is in order when you're on the move. The EAC system lets you access your underwater world from anywhere and at any time.


We keep things running.

Your wishes and our innovative solutions are constantly evolving. The OASE Easy Control app is regularly updated for both areas and is automatically adjusted to incorporate the latest innovations. By the way: Despite the sheer number of options available, OASE is dedicated to making sure that our technology is as easy to use as possible. For that reason, we also offer video  tutorials.