Passionate all-round aquarium care

Excellent water quality is key to getting the most enjoyment out of every part of the underwater world. Tapping into this enjoyment means testing, cleaning, treating, enriching and maintaining the water. The OASE premium care series for aquariums gives customers peace of mind that everything has been thought of.

The 360° approach offers solutions that cater to the most relevant application areas for taking care of your aquarium.

All products can be ideally combined with each other and enable high-quality and targeted aquarium care.

The OASE 360° approach

Discover the new AquariumActiv products and find the right product for your aquarium or put together your entire individual aquarium care.

Everything from one source. With OASE.


Use our innovative water purifiers to gently treat tap water and make it suitable for aquarium inhabitants.

  • LessStress Water Conditioner
  • AquaStable Water Optimizer


Amongst other things, we supply beneficial bacteria from our own breeding programme to support active self-cleaning in the aquarium, so the water remains in balance.

  • WaterBalance Boost Bacteria
  • KickBoost Clearwater Bacteria
  • BoostMix Clearwater Bacteria
  • BoostMix Clearwater Bacteria


OASE supplies clever solutions that prevent outbreaks of algae, avoid the oversaturation of nutrients and stabilise the water quality.

  • FilterAction Nitrate Remover
  • QuickfilterAction Phosphate Remover


Vitamins, trace elements and minerals help you support the health of aquarium inhabitants and plants.

  • AquaElements Vitamins and trace elements


Promote healthy and vigorous growth of your aquatic plants with high-quality OASE fertilizers.

  • PlantGrow Iron Fertilizer
  • PlantGrow Weekly Fertilizer
  • PlantGrow Daily Fertilizer
  • SOSGrow Quick Fertilizer Tablet


AquariumActiv algae control combats blue and green algae particularly effectively and delivers long-term results.

  • Blue and Green Algae Remover


Supplement your aquarium care with our high-quality ORGANIX fish food and offer your aquarium inhabitants a varied menu!

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