Safe and easy aquarium management 

Digital device management in the OASE Control app

To help you make the most of the variety of technical possibilities available for creating beautiful, but complex underwater worlds with your OASE aquarium, we have kept the operation of the app as simple as possible. That's why we have condensed the entire digital OASE device management into one OASE Control app (iOS, Android).

Installation and operation are intuitive. Voice control via Alexa and Google Assistant enable even greater convenience. The OASE Control app lets you experience more freedom and peace of mind, as you always have everything under control – even when on the go.

Operate everything from a single source


By connecting to the app, you can set up the flow pump and lighting conditions. You also receive status and error reports through the OASE Control app via push notification and email to allow you to intervene remotely before any problems occur.

Discover OASE's smart devices for your aquarium, which you can control and manage via the OASE Control app.

Controllable: Lighting, flow, weather effects

The OASE Control app allows you to configure and control lighting and flow pumps. This not only means increased safety, above all for the fish population, but also a greater quality of life for you due to added convenience – including when planning for holidays. You can find information about registering in the app and about data protection here.


  • Choice of different light colours and moods
  • Choice between quick set-up in Easy Mode or a range of different customisation options in Expert Mode
  • Colour selection also possible for individual LED lighting segments
  • Timer with range of different customisation options
  • Status and error reports for early intervention
  • Possibility of voice control via Alexa and Google Assistant

Flow pumps

  • Comprehensive, individual adjustment options such as cycle times, cycle offset and power regulation
  • Programming of natural water movements
  • Convenient for fish: Adjustable feeding mode
  • Status and error reports for real-time changes
  • Possibility of voice control via Alexa and Google Assistant


One system, one app, one in-house control centre

The Aquarium Controller is your control centre for one or more aquariums. It is used to connect all linked OASE devices to the OASE Control app.

Aquarium Controller

Controllable OASE products

Here, you can find the product families from the categories Lighting and Flow Pumps that you can connect with the OASE Control app using the Aquarium Controller.

Your OASE Service

If you require any further information or have your own questions, you can contact OASE or our specialist dealers. The practical dealer search function will help you wherever you are. We have compiled many possible questions and key aspects about OASE products for you in the FAQs.

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OASE Control app: Use, features, products

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