Out of the house, across the lawn and into the swimming pond. Immerse yourself; swim a few strokes in the clear water. The body floats, the head is free. Surrounded perhaps by reeds, a few water plants and the jetty you are in the middle of nature. Swimming and movement in water release endorphins. Whether a natural pool, natural-looking swimming pond or a combination according to your own ideas – the scope for your design with OASE is boundless. Experience and enjoy the freedom that a swimming pond in your own garden gives you. 

Clean swimming fun all year round

You can also enjoy your own swimming pond in autumn and winter, for example after a sauna session or for a steam bath in the snow. It can be a place of rest, as well as a centre for fun with the whole family. Swimming in swimming ponds is just as safe in terms of hygiene and cleanliness as swimming in a chlorinated pool. 

Learn more about individual swimming pond concepts, different pond types, a guide to the technology, design ideas, creative accessories and the smart WiFi control with Easy Garden Control (EGC). A small tip for planning: calculate for approx. 1.50 metres per swim stroke plus 2 metres final distance and at least 1.35 metres depth.


From swimming pond to natural pool: 
individual solutions for every desire 

Everyone has a different idea for the swimming pond of their dreams. Some prefer to swim in straight lanes, others love free movement in as natural an environment as possible. This makes it all the more important to get the right advice with experience and expertise. Together with our partners we make your wishes come true. 

Swimming pond: Pure nature  
without technical features

Water plants and pond creatures take over the treatment of the water – no technology or chemicals. In spring there may be a slight, natural green cloudiness. Also some silt on the floor should not disturb, but rather underline the natural ambience. Your swimming pond will also be a paradise for the fauna. In addition to the swimming area, you should also plan half of it as a regeneration area. This type of swimming pond is therefore usually the largest pond solution.


Nature plus technology:  
continuous light circulation

The design variety for your swimming pond is also shown in the interaction of nature and technology. The natural water treatment is technically supported by a light, permanent circulation and appropriate filters. As a result the pond water is visibly clearer. As a rule of thumb, you should plan about one third of the swimming area for the regeneration area.

Natural pool: fully equipped –  
compact and well concealed 

Of course, swimmers who prefer traditional lanes, crystal-clear water and regularly cleaned pool edges also get their money's worth. The combination of multi-stage, powerful pumps and filters including a swimming pond robot for cleaning ensures complete and reliable maintenance. Thanks to technical support, this variant requires no additional regeneration area. This makes the natural pool a space-saving solution. From about 30 to 40 square metres you can already enjoy a few swimming laps. 


“Swimming ponds are a matter of style. With OASE, there are no limits to your individuality.”

(Maximilian Colditz, landscape architect and category manager at OASE)

Your tailor-made swimming paradise

With us and our established network of experienced specialists for pond construction and water installations (Water Creation Partner, WCP), the best possible support is at your disposal. Together, we can make your dream come true. 


Easy Garden Control: smart control of your swimming pond

You are not at home, maybe you're on holiday? No problem. Now you can control the entire swimming pond system; pumps, filters, lighting, and water features conveniently via your smartphone. Easy Garden Control (EGC) notifies you of the status at any time and can even automatically inform your trusted gardener or landscaper in case of unforeseen events. 

Easy Garden Control

Premium products for the best water quality and easy maintenance

From the first idea to ongoing maintenance: We offer you advice and technology perfectly tailored to your wishes from one source. Swimming ponds are not rocket science. Swimming ponds are a small paradise. Depending on the concept, we offer the appropriate components – you can discover a selection here. 

Pond vacuums

Various models for optimal swimming pond cleaning. Easy to operate and with patented two-chamber system for lasting cleanliness.  



Removes debris from the water surface before they sink. This reduces the nutrient load and promotes pond health.


Modular flow-through filters

Perfect for swimming ponds. The filter modules can be combined as required and are very easy to operate. 


Care products

From algae nets in different sizes to compatible care products against algae growth. Algae has no chance. 


Your swimming pond as a spectacular garden setting

Your swimming paradise knows no bounds. Waterfalls, streams and imaginative lighting complement the pond and garden to create a unique natural spectacle. Discover your options with OASE.

Lighting: also with smart WiFi control

Transform your swimming pond above and below water into a work of art. All components work with low voltage technology and therefore guarantee the pleasure of safe bathing. The smart Easy Garden Control (EGC) from OASE gives you full control over your lighting variations at all times. 


Water features and waterfalls

With various elements made of high-quality stainless steel you enrich your swimming pond visually and acoustically. Colourfully illuminated stainless steel waterfalls, available in different sizes, are always eye-catching. But also water features fixed or floating in the water, like small fountains, work individually or in combination with each other. 



Just like a swimming pond, watercourses can be created in an infinite variety of ways. No matter whether natural stone looking modular elements or according to individual requirements. Create the impression of a natural water cycle.