Stylish garden lighting

The garden is not just a place that invites you to relax or take part in communal activities. At the same time, it offers countless possibilities to be designed according to your own ideas. A varied combination of plants, cosy seating and lighting can make the ambience unique and homely. Water can be turned into fantastic works of art with the use of targeted lighting both above and below water giving amazing light and shadow at dusk.

Accentuated pond landscape

With the use of light sources, you can reinvent the night-time appearance of the pond landscape. Illuminate walkways and the edge of the pond to emphasise the shape of the pond. The reeds and grasses are lit in colours to create art objects that give the garden a modern touch. Or choose between the lighting scenarios to match the mood of the garden party.

Warm white – subtle lumiosity >

Warm white – medium lumiosity >

Warm white – strong lumiosity >

Colourful spotlights >

Fantastic water features and waterfalls

During the day, fountains and waterfalls create lively spaces in the garden. With the addition of LED lighting at night, the light beams appear to dance on the water's surface. With water features you have the choice between models with and without integrated LED lights. Fountains can also shine with a spotlight at any time. The waterfall lighting is optimally designed for the OASE waterfall range and can be installed directly in the intended space and wired up invisibly.

Water features including lighting >

Waterfall lighting >

LED floodlights for fountains >

Spring stones and indoor fountains

Even in the smallest spaces and without a pond, water elements with lighting accents are particularly effective. From small bubbling stones and fountains to lighting indoor fountains, the OASE range offers the right spotlight.

Source stone lighting >

Fountain lighting >

Harmonious path lighting

Lighting does not only contribute a decorative element to the garden, but adequate lighting around paths and steps ensures you can walk safely though the garden landscape. Whether embedded in wooden floorboards or mounted on the wall, the warm light shows the way through the garden.  

Elegant spotlights for wall mounting >

Illumination of large objects and areas

With high luminosity and different beam angles, taller objects such as trees and sculptures or wide areas can be highlighted. Provided with sufficient light, cosy sitting areas and terraces invite you to spend long summer evenings with a barbeque and games in the natural surroundings.

Lighting for wide areas >

Lighting for taller objects >

Smart garden lighting

With just one click, the garden and pond shine in the twilight. Control your garden lighting with OASE Easy Garden Control (EGC) conveniently via your smartphone. Particularly eye-catching: the ProfiLux Garden LED RGB lighting. You can use the app to set colours and lighting scenarios according to your personal taste and adapt them to your mood at any time.

Power sources in the garden

Sufficient power sources in the corresponding parts of the garden make it easier to install light. The remote-controlled FM-Master garden sockets are particularly practical here. They enable easy control of your lighting from the terrace. The InScenio FM-Master EGC Home or Cloud models even enable convenient control via app from your smartphone or tablet.

InScenio Power Connections >

Bright sun or soft glow - the brightness of luminaire in comparison

If you want to compare the brightness of several lights with each either, pay attention to the luminous flux specified in lumens. By comparing the lumens, you can easily find out which light unit is brightest.

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