The joy of water knows no bounds, be it on a large or small scale. Watercourses as well as entertaining and varied water features can also be built in a very small area. Enrich your home by creating impressive arrangements on your balcony and terrace with OASE. It is not about how much space you have, it is about resourcefulness, a desire for design and the relaxation that experimenting with water offers you. 

Inspiration for balcony and terrace

Water features in decorative pools

This small fountain on a balcony or terrace can be created with a Filtral UVC. Simply install underwater in a concrete bowl, zinc tub or small pond. The technology remains invisible. The integrated UVC lamp kills floating algae and pathogens and keeps the water clean. All with safe low voltage technology. Additional LED lighting gives your fountain another special flair. 



Waterfalls are always eye-catching. In combination with gentle splashing and optional LED lighting they can create an almost magical atmosphere. Ready-made waterfall kits in elegant stainless steel design can be easily installed in concrete bowls or tubs. Connected pumps like the Aquarius Universal Premium 3000 work trouble-free even at temperatures as low as -20°.


Statues and decorative fountains

Ornate statues and stones can be used as water features or fountains in every garden. Various pumps, from the Aquarius Universal Classic series, can be invisibly integrated into them. The flow rate can be adjusted individually and the ensemble can of course also be enhanced with LED lighting.


Elegant fountain bowls

Aesthetic and architectural: Made of 100% real copper, these design features are a great way to enhance small and large gardens in just a small amount of space. They add expression to your home and help you bring out its character. Style them any way you like, either as standalone pieces or in combination with each other as a waterfall installation. The LED ring makes the perfect accessory, immersing the water in soft light at night. 


Don't let yourself be fooled. Architecturally designed ponds can create amazing spaces and atmospheres in a comparatively small area. This is an ongoing trend that is completely different from traditional ponds. Let OASE inspire you to create small water worlds even where no one else would think to do so.

The water games are open

None of the four basic elements can be staged as dynamically and impressively as water. No matter whether as a surface, watercourse, well, fountain, sprayed or in jets. You don't even necessarily need a pond. Water features can also be built in gravel beds of any size. With a selection of our LED lights you can additionally stage the movements of the water in the evening just how you like it. 

Water Jet Lightning

Water Jet Lightning

Water jets with the unique Water Jet Lightning quickly become a highlight in any garden. Let water jets jump from one side to the next. Together with a selection of our LED lighting, you can create vibrant spaces in the evening. You can programme and control the jets using a remote control up to 80 metres away.




Water features and waterfalls

How about a water feature – without a pond? Water flow, fountain height and lighting can be easily controlled. A small tip: For permanently installed water features in a gravel bed, you need to take into account a splash radius of at least three metres.



Watercourses are not only a fabulous addition to garden and swimming ponds. You can also create a watercourse on its own. For example, it could run into a gravel bed with an underground pool with a connected pump to ensure even circulation. Here, too, there are virtually no limits to your imagination. Numerous modular or individual watercourse elements, plus perhaps a few plants, decoration and lighting – all with safe low voltage technology, energy-saving and easy to maintain. Pure relaxation.