Whether you have a balcony, terrace or garden, no matter how big or small: DIY projects can transform your home into a place that invites you to dream, relax and linger. Our guides accompany you in your DIY endeavours and show you how to implement your projects efficiently and easily. For larger projects, we are on hand to offer you advice and support, but we are also happy to recommend specialist advice from a trusted garden landscaper or from a well-stocked specialist retailer.

Watercourse with elements

With our watercourse elements, even people who've never attempted such projects before can make their dream of bringing flowing water to their garden a reality with or without a pond.


Pond with pre-formed pond

A water paradise for everyone: Quickly create your own garden biotope with a pre-formed pond. No prior knowledge is required! 


Freely designed watercourse

A freely designed watercourse gives you the opportunity to express yourself individually. Architectural, natural or Japanese style – everything is possible. 


Pond with pond liner

As individual as you: Liner ponds offer lots of freedom in shaping and sizing your new oasis (recommended for ponds with a volume of 2500 litres or more).  


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